Descargar Nokia Z Launcher Para Android

Download Nokia Z Launcher for your Android for free and without ads

Download Nokia Z Launcher For Android

Remember the Nokia Z launch? If not, we’ll tell you that it was the most legendary Android launcher since it makes you swipe the app first for quick access. Nokia launched it in beta in 2015 and until 2017 the company decided to abandon it completely and never updated it again. It does not currently work with newer versions of Android.

Fortunately, developer “perryOnCrack” has taken on the task of bringing this launcher back to life with a free recreation called ReZ Launcher. This new launcher is similar to the popular Nokia Z launcher and you can now download it for free from Google Play Store without ads.

ReZ Launcher: The reincarnation of the Nokia Z Launcher that you can download for free

Nokia Z Launcher

ReZ Launcher is a new application that revives the classic function of drawing letters to access applications, popularized by Nokia. When you search for an app with this launcher, you can draw its first letter or full name on the screen to find it quickly.

In addition, it has a modern and minimalist design with simple and easy adjustments. ReZ Launcher displays a clock and a list of apps in alphabetical order on the home screen.

You can access the app drawer, widgets and advanced options by swiping from the edge. You can also hide apps or create shortcuts for your convenience. And the best thing about ReZ Launcher is that it is an ad-free app. So, if you want to enjoy the Nokia Z launcher on your mobile, don’t hesitate to download this launcher from Play Store by clicking this button.

Rez Launcher

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