Retail Store Simulator La Copia De Supermarket Simulator Para Android

Retail Store Simulator, Supermarket Simulator for Android version

Although at the time we said there was no Supermarket Simulator APK for Android, today things have changed. Thanks to the independent development of a couple of programmers, you don’t need to search the Internet to find a game similar to the popular supermarket title that has gone viral on the Internet.

A game similar to the popular Supermarket Simulator comes under the name of Retail Store Simulator, which is only available on Steam on PC. If you’ve always wanted to play, but weren’t convinced by the options in the Play Store, this is your lucky day!

Download Supermarket Simulator for Android Mobile

Unlike other Android games like the popular Buckshot Roulette, Retail Store Simulator doesn’t need to have a high-end Android mobile as it runs on any terminal that meets the following requirements.

Operating System: Android 9.0 or higher RAM: At least 2 GB.Internal storage: 300 MB free space.

Once you download and install it (link at the end of this article), the game is exactly the same as Supermarket Simulator. In short, you have to manage a store: price the items you sell, replenish stock and provide customers who want to buy the products you have in it.

Retail Store Simulator

Retail Store Simulator With Android

It is worth mentioning that you have to complete various missions to advance in the game and get upgrades that allow you to sell other types of products.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that the video game has microtransactions, what does this mean? You will have to spend real money to speed up (no need, you can get those upgrades by playing).

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