5 Mejores Mazos Para El Desafío Barriles De Diversión De Clash Royale

5 best decks for Clash Royale Barrels fun challenge

5 Best Decks For Clash Royale Barrels Fun Challenge

Have you ever thought that Clash Royale is going to show us how elixir is created? Well, you don’t have to guess anymore, and the new event shows us that the elixir is from a few hidden barrels.

Under the name of Barrel of Fun, a very interesting challenge is presented where elixir is created in barrels that appear on the battlefield.

As it is a new game mode, decks that match it must be used, so you can’t just use any card. Luckily, here we’re going to show you the 5 best decks for Challenge Barrel for fun.

The best classes for Clash Royale barrels for a fun event

Fun Clash Royale Deck Event Barrels

Before we go into the most suitable decks for this event, it is important to add that modified cards cannot be used. We do not know the reason for this decision, although by looking at the gameplay in detail, we were able to understand the reason.

In conclusion, Archer Evolution, Improved Knight and other cards remain in all the decks we can show you below.

Deck 1 – Dive Attack

Deck 1 Dive Attack

Montacarneros. Mega Knight. The little prince. Royal Spirit. Rash. Archers. Arrows. take down.

Average elixir consumption: 3.6 units.

Deck 2 – The Bridge Classic

Deck 2 Classic Bridge

Battle Ram. PEKKA The Little Prince. Magic archer. Royal Spirit. Electrician. Rash. take down.

Average elixir consumption: 3.8 units.

Deck 3 – Stretched Pigs

Deck 3 Hogshead Laid Out.

Royal pigs. The little prince. A flying machine. Royal recruits. A strong man’s grip. Electrocautery. Arrows. Barbarian barrel.

Average elixir consumption: 4 parts.

Deck 4 – Bridge Attack has been updated

Deck 4 Bridge Attack Has Been Updated

A giant goblin. The little prince. MINI PEKKA ROYAL RECRUITMENTS. Goblins. Arrows. Anger. Elixir collector.

Average elixir consumption: 4.1 units.

Mazo 5 – Golem unexpected

Mazo 5 Golem Unexpected

Golem. Wood cutter. The little prince. polite Electric dragon. Twisted. Barbarian barrel. Elixir collector.

Average elixir consumption: 4.3 units.

Without further ado, we would like to take this opportunity to announce the much awaited CRL 20 Victory Challenge. If you haven’t played it yet, here are 5 of the best decks to beat it, don’t let it pass you by!

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