Cristal Azul No Funciona El Addon De Kodi Esta Caido Por Tiempo Indefinido

Crystal Azul does not work, the Kodi addon has been downloaded indefinitely

One of the best Kodi addons for watching sports is having problems again. We are talking about Crystal Azul, the Kodi add-on that had a major crash a month ago and now it’s buggy again.

Well, the developer team of this add-on talked about the new Crystal Azure crash and the 404 error it was giving. Next, we will tell you everything that is known so far why Crystal Azul does not work and when this problem will be solved.

Crystal Azul does not work, the Kodi addon has been downloaded indefinitely

Error 404 Blue Crystal Solution

In Crystal Azul’s official Telegram group, they released a statement about Crystal Azul’s new fall. They explain that the add-on is not working because you have deleted all the content of the server it is hosted on. This is the reason why the 404 error appears, which indicates that the content you are trying to access is not available.

He also mentions that nothing is currently being done about Crystal Azul and that they are already studying the situation and the problem, because they cannot constantly re-upload all the content to the servers (this is the second time this has happened in about 1 month).

Finally, the developers end up with the statement that they don’t know what to do. This means, for now, an indefinite failure. It is not yet known when the content will be back, but the latest version 3.0.9 of Crystal Azure zip file is now available.

Alternatives to Kodi Blue Crystal

How To Watch Football On Kodi Best Addons

While the blue crystal of the future is being revealed, here are two articles that may be very useful to you. In them you will find Kodi addons that offer content similar to Crystal Azul (sports, live football, etc.).

And you… do you think Crystal Azul will return or will this be the end of Kodi add-ons?

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