Trucos Para Ganar En Uno! Mobile

6 Best Tricks to Win at UNO! mobile phone

Tricks To Win In Uno!  Mobile Phone

In case you didn’t know, there is an Android app that plays UNO! On your phone or tablet. The rules are similar to the card game, but it gives you the ability to play online with other people. If you dare to play this game, read this post till the end because we will show you the best tricks to win at UNO.

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How to play UNO! mobile phone

The application allows you to play not only single games but also team games. If you manage to get rid of all your cards before the other players, the individual game is lost. Team play ends when one member of a two-player team runs out of cards.

The points you get are based on the cards that the losing players have in their hand. Number cards are worth their number, action cards are worth 20 points and 4 jokes are worth 50 points.

The points are converted into coins that allow you to access other event games and if you lose your game, the coins are deducted from your accumulated total and the discount is passed on to the winner of the game. Also, the game has payment plans so you are allowed to pay to earn coins.

6 Best Tricks to Win at UNO! mobile phone

List Of Cheats For The GameNow that you know how to play and how the point system is used, we will show you six tricks to win at UNO. Without further ado, here you are:

Reduce points as much as you can in individual games, the most important thing to win in this format

When playing a solo game, your only goal is to get rid of the cards in your hand before your opponents because if you don’t, one of the other players will do it first and you will. Losing coins.

Ideally, try to reduce the points in your hand and play the most valuable cards at the first opportunity. If you have action cards or wild cards in your hand, there is a risk of losing a lot of game coins if the game ends. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not hesitate to use cards to spoil your opponent’s turn or reverse the turn order.

Knowing the value of the cards, the best strategy you can use in this type of game is to remove the high value cards from your hand whenever you can. Even if you don’t win or come in second, no matter where you finish, your coin loss will be minimal.

The best way to win at UNO! The mobile in team play is supporting your teammate.

As we said before, it is possible to play games in a group of two players. In this type of game, you can see your partner’s cards and he can see yours. This way you can decide which cards to play to help your partner get rid of his cards or to help you get rid of your cards.

For example, if it’s your turn, red is active, your partner has no red cards and after you have a wild card to change color, use it to change to the color your partner has.

Don’t just use +2 and +4 cards, it’s another great way to win at UNO! mobile phone

Be Careful With Double And Quadruple Cards 2

Besides winning the game, the best thing about winning is that you get more coins. Therefore, we recommend not using +2 or +4 cards until near the end of the game. Obviously, you don’t need to use these cards as long as you have the option.

Best of all, if you leave the +4 card as the last card to play when introducing “UNO”, you are guaranteed to be able to remove all cards on your next turn as it can be played without import. The current color.

Another reason for this is that if an opponent uses a +2 or +4 card on you and you have one of those cards in your hand, you can draw at that time. That way, the person following your turn has to take eight or four cards and you avoid taking them.

Control the color of the game, which is one of the most important methods to win at UNO

This is the most important thing when playing UNO. If you and your teammate have a certain number of cards of a certain color, you can change the color of the cards that can be played in the game, regardless of the color of the majority of cards you have.

This way you have a better chance of winning the game and your opponents are forced to draw cards. Similarly, if your opponents switch to a color that doesn’t work for you, try to switch colors with most of the cards in your hand.

Look at how your opponents are playing to find out which cards they don’t have, which shouldn’t be overlooked.

See How Your Opponents PlayWhile playing this game, you must consider the cards played by your opponent or rival team. For example, if one of your opponents has to take a card when it’s his turn to play, it’s because he doesn’t have tricks or colored cards in his hand.

You can also find out what cards your opponents have if they try to change their color to another, either in a joke or a card with the same number and a different color. Of course, you have to be careful because a few players are at risk and change the cards to colorless ones.

Very expert players will use this to trick you into believing they have cards of the color in question and try to switch them to one that benefits them more or hurts you and your partner. Don’t worry if you don’t understand because we will explain it better in the last part of this article.

If you use mind games, you can disrupt the game of your competitors, a difficult thing to do

We mentioned this in an example at the end of the previous part of this article. Sometimes, it is useful to make your opponents think that you have a certain card of a certain color. This may force them to play differently, but it’s a double-edged sword if they don’t fall into the trap.

Even if you don’t decide to do this, it’s a good idea to keep this in mind when playing so that you don’t fall victim to any traps that your opponent wants to throw at you.

If you follow these tips, you can win many games in UNO! Mobile, though depending on how each game changes, some will be more or less useful to you. So you have to see how the game evolves to know which strategy suits you best.

And what do you think? What do you think of these tricks to win at UNO? Do you know of any others we haven’t mentioned? Leave us your comments and share this article.

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