Cómo Excluir Tiktok De Los Resultados De Búsquedas En Google

How to exclude TikTok from Google search results

It is a fact that Google is changing the way it shows us the results when we search in the search engine. Even though they have integrated their artificial intelligence to find specific answers without having to visit websites, there are times when the search engine is unable to solve users’ needs.

The most obvious example of this is search results related to TikTok. The growth of this social network in recent years has forced the world’s most used search engine to include Tik Tok videos in its results.

Although this may not represent any problem, there are times when Google solves our query by not taking us to a TikTok video, but instead redirects us to the TikTok search engine. Basically, we put ourselves in a “search loop” that wastes our time.

Can TikTok be excluded from Google search results?

The answer to this question is yes “. Thanks to a command that any user can easily and quickly use, it is possible to prevent Google from showing us results related to this social network. If you want to prevent the search engine from redirecting you to videos from the above social network, you must follow the following steps.

Exclude Tiktok From Google Search Results.

Open the browser you use from your mobile or PC and enter the Google website.After logging in, write what you want to search for and copy and paste the following command: “-site:tiktok.com” (without quotes) For example, if we want to search for the following question: “Best TikTok filters”, you should put it in Google like this: “Best TikTok filters” -site:tiktok.com” (without quotes) Google will show you results without adding TikTok in a few seconds.

It should be noted that this Google trick works with other websites as well. If you want to block another social network, you need to replace the tiktok URL. For example, you should enter “-site:reddit.com” or “-site:facebook.com” to prevent Google from showing results from Facebook or Reddit. Similarly, this command is also effective if you use search engines like Bing or DuckDuckGo.

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