La Mejor Sensibilidad Para Dar Todo Rojo En Free Fire

The best feeling to give everything red in Free Fire (2024).

If you’re a freefire player, you’ll want to red everything to get more kills and win more PvP. If yes, then you have come to the right place. Next, we’ll describe the best sensitivity settings to optimize your aim.

And that’s not all, we share with you the best shutter button size for this sensitivity. This way, you can win more games and climb the ranks in this amazing Garena Battle Royale.

The best feeling to give everything red in free fire

The Best Sensitivity Settings To Give Everything Red In Free Fire

If you don’t have time to waste and want to have the best feel for free fire and the best fire button to make everything red, just copy the configuration we leave below.

Overall: 94%Red dot visibility: 92%.Mira 2x: 100%.Mira 4x: 89%See Sniper: 38%.360° camera: 84%.Fire Key (Amount): 60%.

Now, if you have a little more time and want to know why this is the best feeling to make everything red in free fire, we will explain below.

General: This is the scope you use when shooting without aiming. By adjusting it to 94%, you ensure that the bullets do not go over the enemies’ heads or stay in the chest. On the weapons of the first robberies. 2x scope: this scope should have 100% sensitivity, because with the new free fire update, the shots seem to be aimed at the head when used. Passionate said.4x scope: The freefire community unanimously agrees that this scope should have 89% sensitivity so that no shot misses the chest or goes over the head. Sniper Scope: The best sensitivity for the shooter is 38%, depending on what they allow. 360° Camera: You should set this sensitivity to 84%, this way you can rotate the camera more precisely so that it doesn’t become adversarial. He escapes.Close button (size): It should always have 100% opacity and the most recommended size is 60%, this way it is neither too big nor too small and fits perfectly to any screen size.

And you … ready to start giving everything red in free fire?

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