Las 5 Mejores Alternativas A Funimation Ahora Que Cerró

The 5 best alternatives to Funimation now closed

Funimation has said goodbye to its loyal users and it’s all because of its integration with the Crunchyroll platform. If you already have an account on this platform or are thinking of getting one, we’ve compiled a list of Funimation’s 5 best options for you to watch anime legally.

The following options have a paid subscription and some offer you a limited amount of free content, just like Funimation did. But if you’re looking for other ways to watch anime, we recommend reading the article on the best Telegram channels to watch anime and the best apps to watch anime.

Funimation closes the door and changes the content

Funimation Closes Its Doors

The merger and shutdown of Funimation not only meant users of this platform lost a place to watch animation, but also lost digital copies of content they had already purchased. But don’t worry, below we have a list of options to try and continue enjoying the best Japanese anime content available online.

Crunchyroll, the biggest anime platform


Crunchyroll is definitely one of the best platforms for watching anime online, if not the best one out there. It gives you an incredibly large library of content, ranging from old anime to episodes of currently airing anime premieres. It offers simultaneous content in Japanese with various subtitles and writing options. It also offers you a free usage plan with limits and a premium mega fan plan. 6,5 € / m.


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Retro Crush, the place for retro anime

Retro Grinding

If you are a lover of vintage anime, Retro Crush is a perfect option for you as this platform specializes in old anime. You won’t find the latest releases here, but instead you’ll find a variety of classic anime series and movies like Detective Conan, Digimon, Astroboy, etc. It has a free plan and at the same time it provides you with a paid plan with costs 4,65 € / m.


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Netflix, the platform that is betting on anime

Netflix Anime

Netflix is ​​the biggest reference in content streaming and for some time the company has started to invest more in the world of anime, even funding its own anime projects. Here you can find popular titles such as One Piece, Devilman Crybaby and Cowboy Bebop, but as many of you already know, Netflix does not have a free plan, so you need to purchase a minimum subscription. 5,49 € / mThat’s what the standard plan with ads is worth.


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Prime Video, Amazon’s platform that believes in anime

Main Video Anime

Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming platform has a surprisingly wide selection of popular animations as well. Titles like Dragon Ball Z, Boku no Hero and Inuyasha can be found here and the best part is that if you have an Amazon Prime account, you already have access to this platform. So it’s worth trying it out or signing up separately with the paid plan. 5 €/ms.

Amazon Prime Video

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Jonuplay, an accessible and diverse anime streaming service

To Live

Jonoplay is a streaming platform with titles such as Soi Sakamoto, Konosuba Blast, and Divine Gate. In addition, it offers you simultaneous streaming, fast printing and subtitles, access from multiple devices, etc. just like in Japan. It’s your paid subscription. 3,5 € / mIt makes the platform the most accessible of all the options on this list.

Jon Play

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That’s it, with our list of 5 best Funimation alternatives now closed, we hope you like it and find your favorite Funimation replacement. If you think there’s an option that should be mentioned but we didn’t include in this list, put it in the comments section for all of us to see.

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