Codigos Musica Para Mm2 Roblox

MM2 Music Codes on Roblox (Updated 2024)

Murder Mystery 2 is one of the most fun games on Roblox, but… you know how it’s so much fun? With music! Like Roblox’s Party Room, MM2 allows you to play music through simple in-game numerical codes.

The music you play in MM2 plays on your portable radio, so you can listen to the songs as you search for your next victim. With no more time to waste, we’ll leave you with all the MM2 music codes you can use in Roblox.

List of song codes for MM2 in Roblox

Song Codes For Mm2 Roblox

From pop and rap to metal and jazz, all MM2 song IDs are here. If any of these codes don’t work, let me know in the comments so I can fix them.


Song ID

አንኒሲዮ አሮክኪ 5839510041 Leel Cojoce30707566666666666666666645661806060606060606060206020602060206020602060206020602066060606660606666666617 ቺፕ ጃዝ jazaz18392247896575656444444114444444444444444444444444fercter 5410070711fwlr5410082534409035201501501501501501515131313131313131301301301350135096501350175017501750170101010 Tetris1248262378666609066675666609060664505060666454310787067878787067070707070707 8 on on baster54100828799999999900404547911444491149114911421491142142421142828282828282828282828282828282828282899482402828289948289999999999999999282828289 84007888SLOWS7006487793slipy Fload7028997907SHER MASS102899079107SKERORES536183893SOKERESESESE83SOKESE 77284671wrdd & Keepsake7029099738

How to play music on Roblox MM2 radio

How To Use Music Codes In Mm2 Roblox

You must have a “Radio Pass” to play songs in Murder Mystery 2. This item or pass is obtained by purchasing it for 10 Robux. Once you buy it, you will have it forever.

How do you buy a radio pass? Simply click on the Store option and press the Radio option. After purchasing it, you can tap the radio button at the bottom left of the screen.

Then copy the above mentioned codes and paste in the text box that appears. This will add it to your playlist and you can play the song on the radio whenever you want.

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