How To Play Super Mario 64 Online Multiplayer On Android

How to play Super Mario 64 online multiplayer on Android

Super Mario 64 is a game that defined an entire generation for its innovative gameplay, movement, graphics and much more. So it’s not unusual to see how this game remains a huge hit even decades after its release. In this case, we will talk about a special version and its name is sm64ex-coop.

This project is based on the creation of a port of Super Mario 64 that allows you to play Super Mario 64 on your mobile phone, and in cooperative mode, with mods, new textures, new characters, among other things. The process of installing this game is somewhat extensive, so if you are ready, we can start this tutorial step by step.

How to install Super Mario 64 coop on Android?

How To Install Super Mario 64 Coop On Android 0

To start the process of installing Super Mario 64 coop or sm64ex-coop on Android, the first thing you need to do is to install F-droid on your mobile. Once you have it, follow the steps below.

How To Install Super Mario 64 Coop On Android 1

The first step is to install Terminal for Android. To do this, once the download is complete, you need to use a special version of Termux by clicking the Install button.

How To Install Super Mario 64 Coop On Android 2

Give the app the necessary permissions and it will run Termux right away and maybe say a message like NO ROM or FULL, in our case it means there is no space to install the game. Exit the application, minimize the notification menu and click Exit to end the process in the Termux window.

How To Install Super Mario 64 Coop On Android 3

Download the Super Mario 64 ROM from a reliable source such as VIMM. Open Termux again and wait for the build to be created, we remind you that this will take a long time, you will know it is ready when it is done. Click the package installer in the window that opens.

How To Install Super Mario 64 Coop On Android 4

Tap Install and wait for the installation process to complete. Grant the necessary permissions to the app. Now to play in co-op mode, all you have to do is get your friends to follow this guide and then enable port forwarding or tunneling. By clicking Create.

So you should be ready, if a colleague has already created a game, press Join and enter the code to join the game and start enjoying this video game classic. If you have any questions about what we discussed here, let us know by commenting in the section below.

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