Como Hacer Todos Los Planetas En Infinite Craft

How to make the planets (and the entire universe) with infinite craft

Infinite Craft is theoretically an infinite game. The universe is theoretically infinite. So… what happens if you start combining all the elements of the universe in the Infinite Craft? So that you can find out for yourself, in this guide we will show you how to create all the planets in the solar system, as well as the stars and other main parts that make up the universe.

In the Infinite Craft, the main element that gives life to the entire universe is the “planet”. So make sure it’s the first component you create. You can then go directly to the recipe for the planet or element you want to craft. Remember that you can use the index below to quickly find and navigate to the item you need.

How to make a planet in Infinite Craft

Water + Fire = SteamEarth (Earth) + Wind (Wind) = Dust (Dust) Dust (Dust) + Earth (Earth) = Planet (Planet)

How to make a solar system of 8 planets in Infinite Craft

How To Make Planets And The Entire Universe In Infinite Craft


Planet + Fire = Sun Wind + Fire = Smoke Smoke + Water = FogPlanet (Planet) + Mist (Mist) = Venus Venus + Sol (Sun) = Mercury (Mercury)


wind (wind) + fire (fire) = smoke or smoke (smoke)Moisture or smoke (smoke) + water (water) = nebla (fog) Planet (planet) + nebla (fog) = Venus


Earth (Earth) – is one of the basic elements of the game, it is not necessary to create it.


Earth (Earth) + Wind (Wind) = Dust (Dust) + Wind (Wind) = Sandstorm (Planet) + Sandstorm (Sand) = Mars (Mars).


Wind (Wind) + Wind (Wind) = Tornado.Planet (Planet) + Tornado = Cyclone (Cyclone).Cyclone (Cyclone) + Planet (Planet) = Jupiter (Jupiter).


Fire + Water = Steam. Steam + Fire = Engine. Engine + Planet = Saturn.


Earth (Earth) + Water (Water) = Plant (Plant) Earth (Earth) + Wind (Wind) = Dust (Dust) Dust (Dust) + Fire (Ash) = Ash (Ash)Plant (plant) + ash (ash) = tobacco (tobacco) tobacco (tobacco) + planet (planet) = Uranus (Uranus).


Tierra (Earth) + Agua (Water) = Planta (Plant)Wind + fire = smoke plant + smoke = incense plant + plant = treeIncense + Tree = Poseidon Poseidon + Tree = Trident Trident + Poseidon = Neptune

How to make Sol in Infinite Craft

Planet + Fire = Sun

How to make the moon with an unknown craft

Planeta + Tierra = Luna

How to make Pluto in Infinite Craft

Earth (Earth) + Fire (Fire) = LavaLava + Lava = Volcano (Volcano) Earth (Earth) + Wind (Wind) = Dust (Dust) Dust (Dust) + Dust (Dust) = Sand (Sand)Volcano + Sand = Glass Water + Glass = Wine Planet + Wine = Pluto

How to make a star in Infinite Craft

Planet + Planet = Star

How the solar system works in Infinite Craft

Planet + Sun = Solar System

How to make Galaxy in Infinite Craft

Solar System + Solar System = Galaxy

How to make a black hole in Infinite Craft

Galaxia (Galaxy) + Galaxia (Galaxy) = Black Hole (Black Hole)

How to make the universe in Infinite Craft

Black hole (black hole) + galaxy (galaxy) = universe (universe)

How to make space in Infinite Craft

Fire + Water = SteamFire + Steam = Engine + Engine + Engine = Rocket Water + Water = LakeRocket + Lake = Space

How to make a metro in unknown craft

Earth + Fire = Lava + Water = StonePlanet + Piedra = Meteor

And if you’re wondering why we call Elements in Spanish, it’s because Infinite Craft can be played in Spanish. Another thing you may not know is that cheating can happen in Infinite Craft. Anyway, we hope this guide helped you create planets easily and quickly in Infinite Craft.

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