Como Hacer A Un Youtuber En Infinite Craft Elrubius

How to make a youtuber with unknown craft (El Rubius, Mr. Beast, etc.).

YouTube users are a part of the daily life of many people as they are a source of entertainment available to everyone. If you want to pay tribute to your favorite YouTuber, one of the most original ways to do so is by creating in Infinite Craft. As you know, almost anything can be created in Infinite Craft, and YouTube celebrities are no exception.

Although the Infinite Craft database does not include all YouTube users, it does have the most popular English speakers and a few Spanish speakers. Next, we will teach you step-by-step how to make whatever YouTube you want in this game.

Steps to create a YouTuber in infinite craft

How To Make A Youtuber Without Manual Labor

To get started, you’ll need to create a “YouTuber” account, which allows you to create multiple YouTube content. Creating this element is as easy as creating YouTube, but requires a few more steps:

Fire + Water = Steam. Steam + Fire = Engine. Rocket = Satellite Water + Water = Lake + Satellite = Google Earth + Water = Plant ).Plant (Plant) + Wind (Wind) = Dandelion (Dandelion) .Dandelion (Dandelion) .Dandelion Patch Patch + Wind = Seeds.Seeds + Fire = Popcorn.Earth + Earth = Mountain.Mountain + Popcorn = Movie.Movie + Google = YouTube.Mountain + Lake = Fjord.Fjord + Water = Whale .Earth + Wind = Dust .Dust + Whale = Sperm.Dust + Sperm = + YouTube = YouTuber.

How a particular YouTuber works

Once you have “YouTuber” in your Infinite Craft item catalog, you can now use it to bring to life the specific YouTuber you want. Here are some examples of what you can create with this element:


Interestingly, if you combine “España” and “El Rubius” you create “El Rubius OMG” (Rubios’ main YouTube channel).

Mr. Beast

Follow this tutorial to create Infinite Craft.Fire + Wind = Smoke.Smoke + Smoke = Cloud.Fire + Cloud = Lightning.water + Water = Lake.Lake + Lake = Ocean.Ocean + Lightning = Squid (Squid) + Internet. = Squid Game (Squid Game)Squid Game (Squid Game) + YouTuber = Mr. Beast.


Earth + Water = Plant Plant + Wind = Dandelion Plant + Plant = Tree Dandelion + Tree ) ) = wish (wish) tree (tree) + wish (wish) = money (money)YouTuber + money (money) = PewDiePie

Remember that Infinite Craft is nothing more than an AI that takes data from a limited database. So, I can’t create all existing YouTube users. Also, although Infinite Craft can be played in Spanish, this game was created by an English-speaking person, and I don’t know many Spanish-speaking content creators.

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