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Engwe P275 ST Review: A sleek electric bike with super autonomy

Looking for an electric bike with long battery life and a smooth ride? Engwe, one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in the market in recent years due to its quality-price ratio, has an ebike that offers up to 260 kilometers of autonomy and fluid pedal assistance. It’s the P275 ST model and we’ve been testing it to tell you all about it, the good and the bad. Let’s go there!

Engwe P275 ST: Smooth pedal assisted and multi-autonomous urban eBike

The Engwe P275 ST is a large electric bike designed for urban commuting. It has five pedal-assist modes and a 250W motor that offers a smooth, effortless ride. But the best thing about this bike is the autonomy, which is at least the biggest I’ve seen in an eBike of this style. Then check out its technical sheet to get into the details.


Engwe P275 ST

Dimensions and weight Tires: 27.5″ (recommended): 175 – 200 cm Bicycle weight: 25.6 kg Manufacturing material Aluminum frame Electric motor 250 W / 70 M Ananda motor with central transmission Strength sensor Brakes Electro hydraulic disc brakes Maximum speed 25 Kg .m / hour battery. .2 Ah / 36 V, Samsung cell, replaceable. 150 km (in assist mode 5) and 260 km (in assist mode 1) between 3 and 8 hours Charging time between. Maximum weight 100 kg supported.

What does the Engwe P275 ST electric bike look like?

The Engwe P275 ST is built with an aluminum frame and is IPX6 certified, which means it won’t be damaged if it gets splashed in the rain. It has a classic design designed for urban comfort, so it is very strong and resistant, although it is not suitable for rocky or irregular terrain.

But it’s a big bike, and it can’t be folded, so you have to take precautions if you plan to carry it in your luggage. Measuring exactly 188 x 71 x 121 cm, it won’t fit in a standard car and fits very tightly in an elevator.

Also, you should remember that Engwe P275 ST is made for relatively tall people (from 1.75 to 2 meters). If you are less than 175 cm tall, you will find it difficult to reach the ground after riding this bike. However, you can drive without problems. By the way, it weighs 25.6 kg, so it is difficult to lift it. The good thing is that you can remove the battery to make it easier.

It uses high-quality CST tires with a diameter of 27.5 inches, a width of 2.4 inches and a smooth surface to handle roads with some rocks or other small obstacles. They work very well because they travel a long distance with each pedal stroke and cushion small bumps in the road.

His saddle is “Selle Royal” and I felt comfortable. It didn’t bother me at all on my travels and I loved raising or lowering it easily with the lever underneath it. It is a very useful feature to adapt the bike to different people. At the same time, it is a luggage rack that can be installed in the back and supports a load of up to 25 kg.

Its pedals are made of metal and provide ergonomic pedaling. The same can be said about the handle, which is wide and comfortable to hold thanks to the rubber grips. On this handle bar there is a special bell which consists of a bell, which rings when the lever is pressed. It sounds loud and does the job, so I have no complaints.

There is also a TFT screen on the handlebars that displays bike information and looks great on the outside. But since it’s so small, it can be a little difficult to see while driving. I still find it useful. It lets you know the current speed, mode and battery level at a glance. Incidentally, it includes a white LED light in front of the accepted power and a red back light that can be operated manually by pressing it.

How fast is the Engwe P275 ST bike?

The 250W Ananda motor is the heart of this electric bike. It is optimized to adapt to your pedals and provide a natural cycling experience. Although I felt motor assistance, I did not feel any sudden pressure or swing. It works very fluidly and always goes with your stroke, which should match the selected assist method. It’s the best pedal assist I’ve ever tried!

It has a total of 5 assistance modes, the least powerful 1 and the most powerful 5. To move quickly without much effort on the city pedal, I recommend using level 3. But if you want to climb a slope, prepare level 5. In this way, you can overcome inclinations of up to 10 ° without using much power.

What is the maximum speed that can be reached? It’s 25km for now, but not because the engine can’t do more. It is limited and has no throttle from the factory to make the bike 100% legal to use all over Europe (including Spain of course). On the other hand, it should be noted that it comes with a 9-speed Shimano gearbox so you can adapt it to the effort or terrain you want to do.

Their Tektro hydraulic disc brakes gave me no problems. Applying gently will brake immediately.

How long does the battery last on the Engwe P275 ST electric bike?

The battery is the strongest point of Engwe P275 ST. It comes with a Samsung-made lithium battery with a capacity of 19.2 Ah, which apparently gives a range of about 260 km in assist mode 1, which varies depending on the pedaling intensity and the person’s weight. But even with the most powerful assistance mode, the range remains at 150 km, which is still too much for a city bike.

The battery can be easily removed from the bike to protect it from cold or thieves. In any case, this battery cannot be removed from the bike unless you have the key to open the lock. Of course, the key is to remove the battery, it does not protect the ignition of the bike.

So… is the Engwe P275 ST worth it?

Other P275 St Analysis
Beautiful design, rugged, smooth ride and insane autonomy: it’s the most complete ebike.

Engwe P275 ST is an urban electric bike with long-range battery, smooth and comfortable assisted ride and quality body. As with all bikes in this range, it’s somewhat heavy, bearing in mind that this autonomous battery weighs its own weight. The only aspect that can be improved is the addition of a keyless entry system as an additional security measure.

Another point open to debate is the size of the screen, in my case it is more than enough, because it fulfills the functions, but there are people who prefer a bigger screen. You can always add a mobile phone case with an app to show speed and distance in any case.

Also remember that this bike is designed to be used in the city or on flat roads with few imperfections, so it does not have suspension. If you plan to use it on uneven terrain, you should look for a different model.

That said, it’s the best pedal-assist bike I’ve ever tried and has crazy range. So, if you’re looking for a bike to get around town carefree, the Engwe P275 ST won’t disappoint you. It costs €1,899, but right now you can get it on sale for €1,599 with this button.

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the best

The worst

Range up to 260 km Very smooth and fluid assisted pedaling Removable battery with anti-theft security Beautiful and ergonomic design Does not turn on with the key (extra anti-theft security) Slightly small screen (but functional)

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