3 Apps To Protect Android If It Doesn'T Receive Security Updates

3 apps to protect Android if it doesn’t receive security updates

A few years of software support is one of the most common problems with Android. Although many brands have improved their update policies in recent years, there are still many smartphones (especially mid-range and low-end) that only get 2 years of support, with security patches running out for the rest of the time. Life.

If you have an Android tablet or phone that no longer receives security updates, you may be worried about its reliability. After all, Android is one of the most affected operating systems by malware. And although running out of security updates isn’t a big deal, it doesn’t hurt to take some security measures to protect your Android from any threats. Specifically, what I do is install the following applications.

Is your Android phone not getting security updates? Keep it protected with these apps.

Whenever the three apps I always install on my devices (or those of my loved ones) stop receiving updates, they add a layer of security against potential vulnerabilities that are no longer patched by the manufacturer.

Hypatia, an open source malware scanner

Hypatia Malware Scanner For Android

Hypatia is an open source antivirus for Android (100% safe and does not log data), weighs less than 1 MB and uses practically no battery. You can scan your Android for malware just by pressing the Play button or by activating the “Real-time scanner” option, which will scan your device all the time and notify you when a virus is found.

It also has the option to scan your existing APKs or even files on your microSD card. And the best thing is that it is very fast: it takes very little time to analyze large files. By the way, when you install it for the first time, make sure to click the “Update Database” option to make it work.

Download Hypatia on F-Droid

DNS66, a malicious ad blocker

Dns66 Malvertising Blocker For Android

DNS66 is an app I can’t get enough of recommending because of how useful it is. It’s an app that blocks ads from apps and websites on Android with DNS and lists that act as internet filters. Advertising is known to be one of the most common sources of malware, so a powerful ad blocker like DNS66 is a good idea.

It should be noted that this app does not require root or complex configurations with proxy. To start removing ads from your entire Android, you just need to install the app and press the Start button. If you are having problems with an application, you can go to the “Applications” tab to add an exception.

Descargar | DNS66 and F-Droid

Aegis, a 2-factor authentication application that protects your accounts

Aegis Verification Application In 2 Steps

And you should have a 2-factor authentication app to prevent someone from stealing the credentials of the accounts you use on Android. I use Aegis because it is open source and, unlike Google Authenticator, the most popular option, this app allows you to send your token to other devices if you decide to change mobile phones.

Additionally, it better protects your access token by asking for a password or fingerprint every time you enter the app to access codes. By the way, if you’re new to these types of apps, what this app does is link it to your account to protect it with a code. This code is updated from time to time and can only be accessed by you through Aegis.

Aegis Authenticator - 2Fa App

Tell us… Have you heard of these security apps for Android? What apps do you use that don’t receive security updates to protect your Android?

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