Cómo Bloquear Páginas Para Adultos En Google Chrome (Android Y Pc)

How to block adult pages in Google Chrome (Android and PC).

Although Google Chrome has an incognito mode that prevents anyone from seeing our search history, it is not designed to prevent minors from visiting inappropriate pages. In this case, other tasks can help us, which are completely different: using SafeSearch or changing DNS on both mobile and PC.

If you want to know how to block adult sites in Google Chrome on both Android and PC, we’ll give you a quick and easy tutorial. It’s nothing special, but it’s effective in preventing young children in the house from going to inappropriate sites or sites with explicit content. The process is different depending on the device, so we will explain all the ways.

Block adult pages in Google search engine

From mobile phones and PCs, Google has a SafeSearch option that you can activate from your Google account and that affects the browser you’re logged in to. With this, it is possible to filter or censor transparent web pages, images and text according to your choice, but remember that this only happens if the user wants it from Google. To avoid seeing them in your search results, you should:


Enter the Google app from your mobile in the upper right corner.Go to the privacy and security section, you can activate the filter option, which prevents any type of adults from appearing in searches.List!


Open Google Browser, go to Settings (bottom right corner) and then Search Settings.Under Privacy and security, select Turn on quarantine.

Block access to adult sites by enabling this DNS

Another more secure option is through the dedicated DNS provided by Google. You will continue to depend on the Google browser, only in this case, you should activate DNS, which is designed to prevent the loading of adult pages.


Enter the Google Chrome app by tapping the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner.Select the Privacy and Security section and click Use a secure DNS to get a list of suggested DNS. Select CleanBrowsing (Family Filter).that’s all!


Go to the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.In the Privacy and Security section, select the Security section Use secure DNS, enable the box and select CleanBrowsing (family filtering).

Then you have already checked that no adult sites are installed on Android and PC. You can do many other handy things in Google Chrome like certain settings for better browsing on Android and more.

We hope this tutorial has helped you and you can prevent minors from entering inappropriate sites.

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