Gamesir Nova Nova Lite Review

GameSir Nova and Nova Lite review: good, beautiful and cheap controllers

The game controller market is changing. The dominance of big brands in the sector is weakening after the arrival of emerging players such as GameSir, which has become the dominant “Xiaomi” in recent years. The latest release is a more than obvious example of this: GameSir’s new Nova series, which includes the Nova and Nova Lite controllers, has a terrible quality-price ratio, at least on paper.

We’ve got both the Nova and Nova Lite to see if they’re truly contenders for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo controllers. Join us to find it.

GameSir Nova and Nova Lite: two multi-platform controllers with hall effect and ergonomic design

GameSir Nova and Nova Lite are multi-platform wireless controllers for PC, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. Both have hall effect joysticks, Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz and wired connectivity, ergonomic design and dual motor vibration. In addition, they include a strong case to protect them. We will know each of them separately and then we will tell you about their differences.

GameSir Nova, a controller with back buttons and RGB lights

GameSir Nova has a very similar design to Xbox controllers, but with a retro aesthetic. You can find it in “Stellar White” color, which is a kind of grayish white with red buttons, reminiscent of the legendary NES. It’s also available in a clear turquoise “Space Purple” that reminds me of the clear controllers on the Nintendo 64.

It feels very comfortable and offers a solid grip thanks to the rubber coating on the handles. One of Nova’s most notable features is the Hall Effect joystick, which is not only more accurate, but also prevents slippage (unwanted movement) and has an impressive durability of up to 5 million cycles.


GameSir Nova dimensions and weight 155 x 104 x 61 mm. Its weight is 205 grams. Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, 2.4 GHz USB dongle and USB cable. USB-C port for connecting to a device or charging. PC, Steam, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch compatibility. The main tech hall results in joysticks, analog triggers, AXYB membrane buttons, a gyroscope and two programmable back buttons. Vibration Two HD rumble motors: one per handle Clear turquoise and retro white colors with RGB lights. Included in the Nova box, 1 x 1m USB-C cable, 1x hard case and certificate.

GameSir Nova combines retro and modern gaming aesthetics using RGB lighting around the joystick. And the best thing is to hold the M button and move the joystick or arrows to suit your style.

It’s a great controller for the Nintendo Switch, as it offers “Rumble HD” vibrations with motors on both cases. It provides a highly immersive haptic experience, especially in games like Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is able to handle everything from the smallest vibrations to the most powerful vibrations, which is not so cheap in monitors. By the way, it also has a gyroscope to control some games with movements.

Another feature of GameSir Nova is the R4 and L4 buttons on the back, which you can program to do whatever you want. It also has a turbo mode to quickly press a button, which will be useful in shooting and games. Ah! And remember that this controller can be used with PC, Android and iOS as well. If you are interested in how to activate each of its functions and how to interact with different devices, here is its official guide.

GameSir Nova Lite, the cheapest controller with hall effect

The GameSir Nova Lite, as the name suggests, is a cheaper version of the controller we’ve seen before. Its design is more minimalistic and modern, available in dark blue and white. The anti-drift hole effect of the jositic base is orange and looks good. In terms of ergonomics, it’s just as good as the Nova or Xbox controller.

This model comes with a 2.4 GHz USB dongle or receiver with your computer for wireless gaming with minimal latency. It also works with Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth 5.3.


GameSir Nova Lite dimensions and weight 155 x 104 x 61 mm. Its weight is 205 grams. Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, 2.4 GHz USB dongle and USB cable. USB-C port for connecting to a device or charging. PC, Steam, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch compatibility. The main technology hall effect on joysticks, analog triggers and membrane AXYB buttons. Vibration two rumble engines: one in each handle, the colors are white and dark blue with orange details. What’s in the box Nova Lite, 1 x 2.4 GHz USB receiver, 1 x 1 meter USB-C cable, 1 x hard case and certificate.

But what is the gaming experience with this controller? Considering that the price is less than 40 euros, we were definitely surprised. Not only does it have excellent build quality, but the buttons, joysticks and triggers feel as smooth and accurate as official console controllers.

It has Xbox-style asymmetrical motors that let you feel, crash or shoot each impact with real feel. Likewise, we liked the precise triggers with a nice ride. Of course, it lacks advanced programmable functions (besides changing the vibration volume and practically swapping function buttons).

Differences between GameSir Nova and Nova Lite

Aside from the obvious aesthetic differences, GameSir Nova and Nova Lite differ from each other for the following reasons.

Back Buttons: The Nova Lite has no back buttons, while the Nova has programmable R4 and L4 buttons.
RGB Lights: The Nova has a pair of customizable RGB rings around the joystick, while the Nova Lite only has lighting around the brand logo. Gyroscope: The Nova version has this component to detect the movement of the controller, which is used to control some games. Nova Lite doesn’t have it. Vibration: Both include two vibration motors, but the Nova model uses “Rumble HD” technology optimized for Nintendo Switch games.

As you can see, the GameSir Nova is a better controller than the Nova Lite, although we think the latter is better value for money. The Nova model is designed for Switch gamers or advanced users who don’t want to spend a lot of money, and the Nova Lite model is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable multi-platform controller.

Final Verdict: GameSir Nova and Nova Lite are the best controllers in their price range.

First of all, we explain that GameSir Nova costs €49.9, and GameSir Nova Lite costs €39.9 in the brand’s official store. Both seem very economical to us for all they offer. They feature durable joysticks that don’t suffer from slipping, an ergonomic Xbox-style design, wireless compatibility with PCs, mobile phones and Nintendo Switch, and unmatched manufacturing quality. Now which one should you choose?

If you’re on a tight budget and prioritize basic functionality, the Nova Lite is a good option.
If you value features like retro design, RGB lighting, programmable back keys, gyroscope, and “Rumble HD” vibration, the Nova is a great option.

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