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Engwe T14 review: A folding ebike for urban mobility

If you want a bike to get around the city comfortably, one of the most recommended options right now is the Engwe T14. It is a fairly economical electric bike for what it offers and is very useful for city mobility because of its compact size, triple cushion, medium speed and folding design.

We have been trying for a few months to tell you about our experience with it. Will it be worth it as an electric bike for daily use in the city? Below we give you our thoughts on the Engwe T14, reviewing both what we liked and what we didn’t.

Engwe T14: economical electric bike with triple shock absorption

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It is a small electric bike designed for city mobility

As you can see in the pictures, the Engwe T14 is a very compact bike, not suitable for people who are taller than 1.85 meters or who feel comfortable on small bikes. If the size of this bike (you can see exactly in the following technical sheet) is not a problem for you, you may like it because it has excellent features for daily mobility.


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Dimensions and weight Unfolded size: 134 x 21 x 71 cm Folded size: 79 x 47 x 73 cm Weight: 22.7 kg Distance between poles: 88.3 cm Total length: 124 cm Reach 22.5 cm Support height: 58 cm Low height handle 8cm Height 7cm Height : 88cm Maximum Handle Height : 98cm Production material aluminum alloy. Electric motor 250 W. Maximum speed 20 – 25 km/h. Battery Lithium ion battery 48V 10AHAutonomy25 km (electric mode) 42 km (assist mode) 8. Charging time and 8. Supported maximum 100 kg. The maximum inclination is 7°

What does the Engwe T14 electric bike look like?

The Engwe T14 has a design that I like to call “scooter style” because the frame is very low, close to the wheels and has a completely upright handlebar. But the saddle is high enough to sit comfortably. If you are less than 1.85 meters tall, it will be ergonomic for you. It also has an additional seat in the back that can be used to carry another person, but it is not useful in practice.

It should be taken into account that the maximum weight that this bike can support is 100 kg. So, if you are driving an adult weighing at least 60 kg, there is no way that you can carry another person in the back seat (by weight and size). While this seat doesn’t sound like a safe form of transportation to us, we think it’s more designed for carrying a child.

Like every other ebike, the Engwe T14 has a front LED light and a rear reverse light. In addition, it has a bell and a small screen on the handle, which looks good outdoors because of the high brightness. What is the screen for? It only shows the current battery level to know how much charge is left.

One detail I thought was great about this bike was the key. It has two, one on the handle (below the screen) and another in the battery compartment, which opens with different keys. From a safety point of view, this is a big advantage because if you don’t unlock the bike, you can’t start it (like a motorcycle, you have to leave it connected). Likewise, no one can pick up your battery without the corresponding key.

You won’t have any trouble riding the Engwe T14 on busy roads as it has hydraulic damping at the rear, front and center. In addition, the seat has springs to better absorb falls. Although not a mountain bike, it offers a smooth ride on uneven terrain. We were able to descend even the small steps without any problems.

As for the brakes, it has good responsive mechanical disc brakes on both the wheels. By the way, the wheels measure 14 inches and are made of thick rubber. On the other hand, it should be noted that it does not have a gear because it has a fixed gear, but with the help of the motor, it can go downhill (up to 7 degrees) without any problems.

Another important feature of this bike is that it can be folded (in the central part and on the handle) so that it takes up less space in your home or in your car bag, for example. However, I find it very difficult to fold it as the fold is very hard like normal. It is not something that can be done quickly.

It should also be added that the bike is heavy (22.7 kg), which makes it difficult to climb stairs, for example. Although it is practical, the weight and strong folds are things that can disturb us every day.

There is a removable battery compartment under the bike’s saddle. As we mentioned earlier, to remove this battery, it is necessary to open the lock with the corresponding key. Then just raise the saddle, disconnect the battery cable and raise the unit control. In this way, you can completely remove the bike to charge the battery without taking it to the power station. We will talk about the autonomy later.

How fast is the Engwe T14 bike?

Engwe T14 comes with a 250W motor that gives a top speed of 25 km/h and a low speed of 20 km/h. This speed is not adjustable (it is a single gear), but it is convenient to use the assist.

For this type of vehicle, it complies with European speed regulations, so you won’t have a problem with the law when you use it in your city. It should be noted that it is quite difficult to climb, but it can accommodate anyone with an inclination of 7° or less.

How long does the Engwe T14 electric bike battery last?

The battery has a capacity of 48 V / 10 Ah, which is enough to travel for 25 km in electric mode or up to 42 km in assisted mode (pedaling). Obviously, autonomy could be better, but considering the price, it is more than good, especially for short trips.

How long does it take to charge? About 6 or 8 hours, so be careful. If your battery dies in the middle of the trip, you will have to stop using it until the next day to recharge it. To prevent that from happening to you, simply charge it every night you use it.

Final Verdict: Engwe T14 is a good economical and practical electric bike.

Engwe T14 Electric Bike
If you don’t mind its compact size, it’s a great bike for getting around town.

The Engwe T14 is a very good quality economical electric bike that I find very practical for urban mobility. It is suitable for those who want a small folding bike with a good cushion for short trips in the city.

However, it should be taken into account that the folding system is somewhat difficult to set up, heavy and has limited autonomy. Also, if you are taller than 1.85 meters, it will probably be too small for you.

Still, considering that the price is €599 (reasonable for everything it has to offer), it’s a highly recommended purchase if the specs we mentioned earlier don’t bother you.

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the best

The worst

Comfortable for people of average height Triple cushion Anti-theft security Removable battery Hard to fold Limited autonomy No gear

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