Disney Plus Restringe Cuentas Compartidas Estados Unidos

You can no longer share your Disney+ account with other people

We all screamed when the Netflix account sharing limit came into effect. The outrage at the time was so great that the number of subscribers in Spain plummeted within three months (as well as in other countries). However, this trend has ended up persisting and many have started jumping into paying more subscribers to their accounts.

Although it is the most difficult way, the scale has caught on and as a result other companies have started to imitate Netflix. The latest to do so is none other than Disney+, which now doesn’t allow account sharing with other people outside of the home. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Disney+ shared account limit will arrive in the US on March 14

Disney Plus Does Not Allow Sharing Accounts Outside Of The Home.

They’ve been warning you for two years: Disney+ limits account sharing. In the year On November 1, 2023, they officially made their first hit when they filed for the ban in Canada. Now it is estimated that the next country that the company will go to the wall will be the United States. The ban will be effective from March 14..

Disney+ has made progress in blocking shared accounts in other countries, which means it worked for them in the first country. Plus, we’re talking about the United States, which is probably its most important market on the entire planet. Considering this, We can imagine that the plan will expand.

Like Netflix, Disney+ wants to prevent its subscribers from sharing their accounts with third parties outside of the platform, which is common across the planet. For the company, if someone wants to enjoy the content, then they have to check it.

Be careful, don’t get confused by something. Family plans will continue to be available to anyone who wants to purchase them, but the profiles can only be used within a single family. The Platform implements a geo-restriction mechanism to prevent third parties from operating outside of those limits. by the way, The ban will apply to all..

You’re probably wondering what happens if I’m away from home for a few days and use my account from somewhere else. There’s no concrete answer to this, but Disney+ is expected to work like Netflix: the app will allow certain days when you’re out of the house to treat your account as vacation. . However, if you exceed that amount of time, the ban will be activated.

For all other cases, Disney+ suggests users can sign up for an individual plan. In fact, the idea behind this type of measure responds to exactly that: push more users to sign up with their own accounts.

Will Disney+ have more subscribers like Netflix? When will the account limit be reached in Spain?

Disney Plus Restricts Shared Accounts To Additional Countries

Now, after reading the above, you might be skeptical about this Disney+ rating.

Can you recruit more subscribers on Disney+ like you do on Netflix? It is not possible at the time of writing this article and there is no information on when it can be implemented. However, we do not allow the occurrence and later additional subscribers to be charged an additional price on your monthly bill.

On the other hand, you may be wondering when the account limit will apply in Spain or other countries. There is much less certainty about this as we cannot predict what the day will be. even if The context suggests that it will happen sooner or later, and it is inevitable.

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