Xiaomi Su7 Causes Fatal Accident In China: One Dead, Three Injured.

Xiaomi SU7 causes fatal accident in China: one dead, three injured.

Electric vehicles continue to gain ground around the world and a giant company like Xiaomi wouldn’t leave without a piece of the cake. A few months ago, the Chinese manufacturer presented the first electric car Xiaomi SU7, which surprised us all. the reason? It competes directly with the king of this space, the Tesla Model 3, but at a lower price. In addition, it is a very impressive car with excellent autonomy.

However, all that glitters is not gold and Xiaomi’s electric car has been the star of the first big negative news this June 7th. what happened? Xiaomi SU7 causes fatal accident in China, killing one person and injuring three. how did it happen We will tell you.

The media say that Xiaomi SU7 is out of control, but Xiaomi actually denies it

Xiaomi Su7 Deadly Accident China

According to various Chinese media, the Xiaomi SU7 crashed in Haikou (China, Hainan), killing one person and injuring three others. It looks like the driver of the SU7 is pulling out of the parking lot The vehicle began to accelerate on its own. This loss of control resulted in collisions with other cars and pedestrians.

As a result, the Chinese media attacked Xiaomi, saying that the car was fully responsible for the accident, which called its safety into question. Some proof? The Xiaomi SU7 involved in the accident was “out of control” and had “brake failure”.

Xiaomi admits to the accident, but claims that it was not their car’s fault and that the media reported the news without proper information. According to the spokesperson of the brand They are actively cooperating with the Chinese police to clarify the facts..

So far and according to Xiaomi, investigations have confirmed that the vehicle was operating normally at the time of the accident. The brake pedal and accelerator were in good condition, although the latter was constantly being pressed. If so, The driver is responsible for the accident, not the Xiaomi SU7But it is still necessary to delve into the study.

In the next few hours or days, the final police report should be published, but this event will definitely not be a good advertisement for Xiaomi. Currently, Xiaomi has a long enough waiting list for anyone interested in the SU7, but after the news, demand may drop a bit.

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