Masorange: La Nueva Marca Que Combina Todas Las Compañías De Másmóvil Y Orange En Una Sola

What is MASORANGE: Everything about the integration of MásMóvil and Orange

MASORANGE is now the largest telecommunications company in Spain. This is nothing more than merging the MásMóvil and Orange companies into one brand that will no longer represent them. As Movistar is a strong move to compete with, MASORANGE comes with the intention of bringing together multiple services under one banner.

Does this affect you in any way? You’ll be glad to know it’s not. The merger of MASORANGE will not affect the service you receive, the price you pay and the general behavior of the company you have registered with and are now part of this great congress in the short and medium term.

MASORANGE: MásMóvil and Orange are united to improve companies

Masorange: The New Brand That Unites All The Másmóvil And Orange Companies Into One

For MASORANGE, the idea of ​​maintaining a multi-brand image seems right. Therefore, they will continue to provide the service under the name of each company that is part of this new company.

The important thing about this measure is that it is not necessary to make any line changes or additional processes to be part of the transition. You will still have the opportunity to choose the same service as always, although now the company is connected to a wider organization.

If you don’t know, there are many companies that come from MasMoviles and Orange, including:

Orange.Masmoville.Jazztel.Pepephone.Yoigo.Virgin Telco.send.people.lyca mobile.Call. Simio. Google.R. Telecable Euskaltel.

By adopting all these companies, MASORANGE can reduce costs while taking a large market share under one wing. And it’s not a joke. Taking into account all existing services, Massoranje has more than 30 million telephone lines in Spain, 7.3 million fixed Internet connections, as well as 2.3 million homes with its television service.

An interesting possibility is that different related services can take advantage of each other. For example, the ability to broadcast La Liga broadcasts from different companies with Orange rights.

The plans go further. MASORANGE plans to cover 90 percent of Spain’s coverage with 5G connectivity. They also want to extend the fiber service to 1,700 more municipalities. Investments in these projects total around 4 billion euros.

In a market as turbulent as telecommunications, the MASORANGE alliance is not surprising. In one way or another, it is a very sensible strategy to continue to be present in the market without being overshadowed by the powers that be in the past such as Movistar.

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