Umidigi Offers The Note 100 Smartphone As Fresh As Grass

UMIDIGI offers the Note 100 smartphone as fresh as grass

From the beginning of this month, we know that UMIDIGI is up to something big… literally. The design of the UMIDIGI Note 100 was recently leaked and surprised us with its huge 7-inch screen along with three cameras that will be the star of this smartphone’s luxurious design.

Now, UMIDIGI has published an official image of the Note 100 with X, which not only confirms the release in the market, but also the original grass green design. If you are looking for a beautiful design in addition to good performance, UMIDIGI Note 100 can win you over. Let’s see what we know about him so far.

UMIDIGI Note 100 brings you the freshness that many have asked for in economical mobile phones

Umidigi Note 100 Slim And Ergonomic Design

UMIDIGI Note 100 was inspired by the grass that sways in the wind while making it. The back cover has a thin white stroke with a thin white stroke and shows the wind blowing on the phone. Now, it is not clear whether the texture will be as smooth as a feather or if it will have patterns in different variations or colors. We have to wait and see how the brand impresses us.

The triple camera was just released earlier this month. It uses a square module with rounded edges where the three sensors are located in a porthole design inspired by airplane windows. This image shows that the main sensor will be 50 MP and will have an LED flash.

It is said to be only 7.8mm thick, making it 0.1mm thinner than the G series. Ergonomic and elegant in equal parts!

These are the details we know about the UMIDIGI Note 100 so far. We’ll be following its official launch to let you know all its features, pricing and availability. For now, tell us… How do you think it will be at the hardware level? What processor do you think it will have?

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