Tv Mix Doesn'T Work In 2024, It Has Been Replaced By This New Apk.

TV mix doesn’t work in 2024, it has been replaced by this new apk.

TV Mix is ​​an app that went viral last year for two reasons: it gives you access to many pay TV channels completely free, and because it’s one of the easiest options to watch football for free. However, at the end of 2023, the application stopped working in Europe to fight piracy. Even so, TV Mix was revived after a while and remained active until the early days of April 2024, when the app seems to have been properly dismissed.

If you’ve just opened TV Mix and are surprised that the app isn’t working, don’t worry. Here we explain what happened to TV Mix and if there is an app to replace it. Continue reading!

The TV mix has suddenly stopped working and no one can explain why

Tv Mix Is ​​Not Installed In 2024.

All users using the TV Mix app have encountered the message “One or more sample lists could not be loaded” when trying to access the content. This indicates that the application is unable to load the content, which means that their servers are down and their IPTV list is blocked.

The question is why? Have the companies that own the content banned TV Mix for copyright infringement? Did the developers simply decide to shut down the app? Well we don’t know. We have checked various Telegram channels offering TV Mix APK and none of them have reported any download of the app. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that the TV mix will never be updated.

The only site that reported anything was developer Mark Castillo who reported the following.

For the people of Spain 🇪🇸 Forget about TVMIX, now comes the new Spanish TV 📺

Which APK will replace TVMix? Spanish TV is the answer.

A New Spanish Tv Application That Replaces The Tv Mix

As Mark Castillo reports, the app that came to make up for the lack of a TV mix is ​​Spanish TV. This app already existed, but was closed a while ago. Now it returns with all the content that was a TV mix including pay TV channels, sports events, movies, series and more.

Now, the developer has not yet shared when they will release the new Spanish TV APK. The only apk for this app that can be installed is the old one that doesn’t work. So you have to wait for an update that brings back all the content. When available, you can download it from one of these links:

Download Spain TV APK | Option 1 | Option 2

So, if you want to update TV Mix, follow the two links that launch the new Spanish TV version of the application. In the meantime, you can try Sports TV 8 or RBTV77 app.

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