This Mobile Phone Has The Best Viewing Comfort Screen According To Dixomark.

This mobile phone has the best viewing comfort screen according to Dixomark.

Mobile screens are a very delicate and important part, and it is not unusual for some to stand out from others. On this occasion, OPPO managed to win the eye comfort display tag with one of its models, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. In order to receive the DxOMark Gold Screen Label, OPPO had to show that the phone scored better than the competition, and it did.

The screen quality and visual comfort are highlighted in the OPPO Find X7 Ultra, offering a pleasant user experience that is less likely to strain the user’s eyes immediately. Here we tell you all the good things that make OPPO Find X7 Ultra take the place it deserves.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra receives an eye comfort display tag on the screen for these features

Oppo Find X7 Ultra Stands Out As A Mobile Phone With The Best Visual Comfort From Dxomark

It is interesting to understand how OPPO has achieved this label with one of its phones and how it needs to meet four criteria set by Dixomark to get such a designation.

Limit on the amount of known flash: DxOMark, says Blinking awareness on a mobile phone should be less than 50% Both in default screen mode and anti-flash mode. What OPPO gets The visual comfort in front of the screens in dark areas is achieved with a minimum brightness of 2 nits. OPPO Find X7 Ultra has a brightness of at least 1.57 nits and the ability to reduce screen brightness and contrast. The brand says it’s comfortable to wear at night, with limited blue light to avoid interrupting or disrupting sleep cycles, according to Dixomark. At this point, the ideal screen should have a circadian action factor of less than 0.65.. Find it at OPPO Color consistency should be at least 95% (Using the P3 color space as a reference), taking into account that the color quality is preserved despite the change in light. OPPO Find X7 Ultra achieves a satisfactory 99% color consistency.

In general, we must not forget that the OPPO Find X7 Ultra screen is 6.78 inches, curved AMOLED panel, 1.2K resolution, variable refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz, 240 Hz touch sampling, 450 ppi, 100% DCI -P3 color gamut, maximum brightness of 4500 nits; HDR10+, as well as Dolby Vision certification and protection with Corning Gorilla Glass Victos 2. Additionally, it is one of the best options in terms of camera and image quality.

After passing through DxOMark, it has shown that it deserves to be recognized as a screen with the best viewing comfort, with features focused on taking care of the user’s eyes. Now you know: if you want a mobile phone that avoids hurting your eyes as much as possible, this OPPO model is the best.

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