These Are The Selected Mobile Specifications In 2024 (Antutu).

These are the selected mobile specifications in 2024 (AnTuTu).

AnTuTu is one of the most popular benchmarks for measuring the performance of a mobile phone and no one doubts that they are the most powerful at the moment. However, few know that AnTuTu is also a huge database on market preferences. With this application, thousands of smartphones are tested every day and in this process all the hardware and software data of these devices are recorded.

Putting everything together, Antutu can create a sketch of what the best-selling mobile phone on the market will look like. That, or at least the features users prefer. the best? The organizers do not keep this information to themselves and from time to time provide us with a report like the one we show you below. These are. Preferred mobile specs in 2024, according to AnTuTu, by users. Do you think you agree with them?

As of Q2 2024, the mobile phone chosen by AnTuTu users has a full HD+ screen, 120 Hz and a Qualcomm processor.

The Most Common Hardware Is Antutu Q2 2024

We all want to have Pixel 8 Pro, Galaxy S24 Ultra, iPhone 15 Pro Max or other similar high-end phones. However, not all of us are willing to spend that much money on a cell phone or simply don’t have enough money to do so.

The result of this? A whole sea of ​​options where we look for a device that fits different things: our budget, our needs, the screen size and resolution we like, the processor manufacturer that interests us, and more.

So maybe the mobile phone that suits you is not the same as the one that suits your brother, partner or someone else. But what if we had to find a device that would fit as many users as possible? Here comes the AnTuTu preferences list, which brings us this configuration as a “user favorite” from Q2 2024:

Screen size: 6.7 inches41.7% screen resolution option. 1080 pThat would actually be full HD+ and have a 68% refresh rate. 120 Hz49.2% popularity among users.Processor Manufacturer: Qualcommwith a 50.9% voter turnout. MediaTek follows with 28.9% of processors. 8 CorThere is 98.6% RAM capacity. 8 GB43.6% favorable among users.Storage capacity: 256 GB of storageIn 39.2% cases. Android version: Android 14with 54.4%.

Were you surprised by what you just read? The truth is not much for us, but we will explain why.

The favorite mobile phone on AnTuTu for Q2 2024 is the mid-range, which is not surprising

The Users' Favorite Mobile Phone On Antutu Is The Mid-Range In Q2 2024.

The reason why these AnTuTu benchmarks are not surprising is simple: the middle range is the most sold on the whole planet.

Yes, it is true that the lower range also sells more. However, manufacturers are always looking to integrate some elements of the mid-range to make their ideas more attractive amidst the many competition. The most obvious example? 120 Hz screens are also, if we put a little brain into the many features above, it makes perfect sense that they are the most used.

RAM: 8 GB can be the highest configuration not only in the middle range, but also in the low-end and the low-end. It is more than that Perfect balance between performance and economyStorage: Same as RAM, but with more The files are getting heavy. And MicroSD card slots less and less number of processor cores: with CPUs Eight cores using the largest. A little planning goes a long way.. Most follow the 4+4 scheme, while others use 8 cores, such as the 1+ 3+ 4 of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or the 2+6 of the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2.

Now, AnTuTu has lost some more details, but we think they will go something like this: the battery will be 5000 mAh, the main camera will be 50 MP and the fast charging will be between 33 W and 67 W. Our guess, however, is that it’s the most common hardware on the market.

And now tell us: how many of these specifications does your phone match? It’s hard to edit everything but we look forward to your feedback in the comment box.

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