The Umidigi Note 100 Has Been Confirmed: It Will Have A 7-Inch Screen And A Triple Camera.

The UMIDIGI Note 100 has been confirmed: it will have a 7-inch screen and a triple camera.

Since the beginning of the year, the famous brand UMIDIGI was rumored to be working on a new series of large screen mobile phones. And everything seems to indicate that the rumor is true.

because of? Well, the first images of the UMIDIGI Note 100 were recently revealed, the manufacturer’s next phone comes with a luxurious design that combines a huge flat screen and a promising triple camera.

The design of the UMIDIGI Note 100 has been leaked: it will have a 7-inch full screen with a triple camera.

The Original Design Of The Umidigi Note 100 Has Been Leaked

As seen in the leaked design above, UMIDIGI will announce a new series of large-screen mobile phones, the UMIDIGI Note 100. It will have a balanced screen design with narrow bezels, giving it the feel of a premium device. The screen with any side edges.

In addition, you can see that they have opted for a hole-punch design for the front camera, a common feature of the best phones on the market. And apparently it’s a fully flat screen that’s larger than 7 inches, possibly with a higher refresh rate to go along with it.

Another detail that this leaked design lets us know is the presence of an additional button for the volume and power buttons. This will be a button for independent shortcuts like on the new iPhone.

What about the camera? Well, the image shows that it will have a triple rear camera, although the megapixels and specifications of each of the three sensors are currently unknown.

Finally, compared to UMIDIGI G9 5G, it is known to have a thinner body and more than 5000 mAh battery for several hours of autonomy. So we will stay updated if more details about the much awaited UMIDIGI mobile come out.

And you… what specifications do you expect the next UMIDIGI Note 100 to have?

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