El Galaxy S24 Ultra Más Caro De Todos Tiene Un Dragón De Oro De 24 K

The most expensive of them all, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 24K gold bezel.

Caviar is an international company created in 2011 that combines technology with the finest and most precious materials such as gold, diamonds, emeralds and more to produce personalized luxury accessories. On this occasion, the brand announced its latest product, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which has a 24K gold dragon on the back.

If you want to know more about this luxury device from the Galaxy S24 series, be sure to read our article.

The world’s most expensive Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has gold and diamond inserts

The World'S Most Expensive Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Features Gold And Diamond Inserts

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra “Yong” is the most expensive edition in the world and this model is designed and distributed by Caviar because of its unique and exquisite design made of diamonds and gold. This mobile is worth it. 15.790 US dollarsThat is, approx 14.500 euros And the company announced that only 24 units of this model will be sold.

The phone is a 1TB version of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and has no upgrades in terms of features. The reason why the price is so expensive is because of the decorative elements that Caviar has added to the exterior of the device. Below we will review all the luxury features of this mobile in depth.

Gold dragon, diamond and gold mechanical watch make this handset expensive.

Gold Dragon, Diamond And Gold Mechanical Watch Make This Handset Expensive.

Being the most expensive piece in the Caviar “Dragon Age” collection at around 5,500 euros, it is worth mentioning all the additional luxury features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra “Yong”:

Body: The body parts are cast in titanium with a black PVD coating, just like the best Swiss watches. Dragon: Large bas-relief sculpture of a Korean dragon with 24 carat gold plating on the back. Watch: 24K Gold Watch with CVR ELT3350A Tourbillon, 19 Stone Factory Manual Movement. Stars: The mobile phone is encrusted with 3 diamonds representing a constellation of stars in homage to the old Samsung logo. Zodiac Circle: The watch also features enameled zodiac signs on titanium with a PVD coating.

Caviar’s Dragon Age collection features other Galaxy S24 Ultra models

Caviar'S Dragon Age Collection Features Other Galaxy S24 Ultra Models

It’s worth mentioning that the Dragon Age collection from the Caviar Company isn’t the only Yong model. Other models of the Galaxy S24 Ultra that can be purchased on the official Caviar website are:

Aris: 10.270 US dollars oh 9.437,15 euros. Fish: 10.410 US dollars oh 9.565,80 euros. Aquarius: 10.060 US dollars oh 9.244,18 euros. Taurus: 10.200 dollars oh 9.372,83 euros.

This is the most expensive of them all, namely, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with 1TB storage. But it is worth mentioning that the same models can be found with 256 GB and 512 GB of storage. For all models, including the Caviar Yong, Samsung has added the Galaxy S23 Ultra to this collection.

That’s it for now, in our article on the most expensive Galaxy S24 Ultra, it has a 24K gold dragon. A mobile phone was developed for the rich to show off their purchasing power. And you, what do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Yong from Caviar?

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