The Argentinian Electronics House Presents The Umidigi Note 90 Series

The Argentinian electronics house presents the UMIDIGI Note 90 series

UMIDIGI, a rising smartphone brand looking for new markets, presented its new Note 90 series of mobile phones at the Electronic Home Fair in Argentina. America and Brazil, and this news confirmed what has been rumored so far.

UMIDIGI will not be the only home of electronics in Argentina. Many other leading technology companies, both national and international, will be participating in an event where we hope innovation will be a common cause. If you are from Argentina or can visit Argentina to go to this show, we leave all the details you need to know below.

The Argentinian electronics house will be the launch site for the UMIDIGI Note 90 series.

Umidigi Presents The Note 90 Series In The Argentinian Electronics House

The Argentina Electronics Home Show will be held from July 10 to 12, 2024 at the Costa Salguero Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You will find the UMIDIGI booth in Hall C6.

There you can see with your own eyes the four new Note 90 smartphones from UMIDIGI. Exceptional performance, unique design and a great set of features. Here is what is known about them so far.

Note 90 5G: This entry-level 5G smartphone features a 6.75-inch screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate, accompanied by a super-sharp 50 MP main camera 90: Considered by the brand to be the star product of this exhibition, equipped with a powerful processor (unspecified) and ample 256 GB of internal storage. Because of that. In addition, it has a 5000 mAh battery, which is more than enough for a full day of use Note 90: This model offers smart charging with NFC, which makes using the phone fast, safe and convenient. It is an affordable entry-level 4G smartphone in the series that ensures decent performance, covering basic communication and entertainment needs. It is suitable for those who have a limited budget or want a second-class mobile phone.

Therefore, the presentation of the Note 90 series in the Argentinian electronics house UMIDIGI wants to strengthen and demonstrate its strength in the smartphone market, as well as expand its presence in Latin America. Tell us… What do you think of the UMIDIGI Note 90 series so far?

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