Estos Son Los 5 Juegos Para Móviles Nominados A The Game Awards

The 5 best mobile games of 2023, according to Game Awards

These Are The 5 Mobile Games Nominated For Game Awards.

The end-of-the-year approach is similar to the grand prelude to the Game Awards, where the best game of the year is decided and highlighted in various categories.

This 2023 will be far behind, with many promising titles. Anticipation to find out who will win the first prize this December 7 is high. There is also a real battle for which game will be the best in the mobile games category. A competition this year without a doubt it was their time to shine, fought between 5 titles.

The games nominated for “Best Mobile Game” mostly come from major companies (Square Enix, HoYoverse, Capcom and Netflix are on the list to give you an idea). They are titles that look promising from their first glance and are well received in the gaming world after their launch. Not to mention the popularity gained in months. We won’t give you any more introductions because you already know who the candidates are below.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, the collection of all the best-loved sagas in the Final Fantasy universe

After delivering on its promise by delivering all the awesomeness it showed us in its first trailer, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis arrives with its weight in the Play Store. No wonder it’s one of the top games of 2023.

In this article, all the stories related to the original Final Fantasy VII can be found in one place. the best? Gradually, you will be able to find all the characters that have had a place in this universe along with many unique weapons and skins.

There is no shortage of events though, there may even be collaborations with other stories in the franchise such as Final Fantasy IX. If you are a fan of the most famous Final Fantasy saga, you cannot miss Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

Final Fantasy Vii Is Always A Crisis
Final Fantasy Vii Never Crisis

Honkai Star Rail, a game whose story spans galaxies

Although HoYoverse has had its own success in mobile games with Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Train is its latest venture. This game takes elements of characters and concepts from the company’s previous sagas (Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact, primarily) to create a unique story.

On the train you can travel through different galaxies, explore new worlds and unique characters. As a gacha game, you have the chance to make scrolls on different banners to find your favorite characters. Leveling and equipping them in your own way is part of the challenges of this game.

Honkai: Star Train
Honkai: Star Train

Hello Kitty Island Adventure, the most beautiful open world game you will see in 2023

Although this title is only available on the App Store, it remains a favorite among the nominees of the Game AdWords 2023 so far. Hello Kitty Island Adventure is an open world game with amazing design, where you can explore. Island and customize it to your liking, adding things to it and improving its appearance, while continuing to have adventures in the process.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

For  Arcade only

Monster Hunter Now, the 2023 Pokémon Go with monsters and great challenges

Applying the same Pokemon Go style, Monster Hunter Now challenges you to walk around your town to find new monsters and hunt them down. The gameplay is similar to the original saga as you take on the hunter skin to defeat increasingly rare and tougher monsters to keep progressing until you become the best.

Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Now

Terra Nil, the hope of Netflix

Finally, and surprisingly due to the simplicity of the title, Terra Neal, one of the best mobile games on Netflix, is among the nominees. This city building game breaks the mold a bit by putting you to the task of rebuilding an ecosystem that has been destroyed by human hands. Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll need to remove all the marks you have there, and then move on to the next point and gradually, you’ll be able to recover a large part of the world.

Terra Neal
Terra Neal

Which of these games should be considered the best in your opinion?

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