Controla Tu Nivel De Alcohol Con Las Apps Más Populares De Alcoholímetro

The 5 best breathalyzer apps for measuring blood alcohol

Regardless of the mode of transportation, drinking and driving is dangerous and strictly prohibited. This irresponsible practice not only endangers the safety of the driver but also endangers the safety of other road users.

In the framework of road safety in Spain, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has strengthened the restrictions on the use of radar detectors in cars, which shows the importance of maintaining concentration on the road.

Not only this, it has set strict limits to maintain the blood alcohol concentration, imposing heavy penalties for those who exceed this standard.

Given this fact, what can we do to avoid any problems while driving? The answer starts with being aware of our drinking and driving skills responsibly.

In this context, we present the best breathalyzer applications for measuring blood alcohol, contributing to road safety and the well-being of everyone. But first, let’s look at the consequences of drunk driving.

The consequences of drunk driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is not only dangerous, but it can have serious consequences for both the driver and other people on the road. Below you can see some possible results:

Legal sanctions

Traffic laws often result in severe penalties to curb this dangerous behavior, including arrests, criminal charges, and court appearances.

Loss of consent

Not only can you go to jail for this kind of carelessness, but the authorities can also revoke or suspend your driver’s license.

Financial penalties

Exceeding these limits will result in fines ranging from €500 to €1,000 with the loss of points on the licence.

High risk

Failure to operate a vehicle safely greatly increases the risk of an accident that can result in serious injuries or even loss of life.

Damage to reputation

These actions will negatively affect your personal and professional image. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this even with some Hollywood stars and it often results in job loss.

The best breathing apps on Android

Below you can see 5 of the best breathalyzer apps, highlighting their importance in promoting responsible driving habits.

Blood alcohol concentration

Blood Alcohol Concentration

Blood Alcohol Concentration is an app designed to provide accurate measurements of your blood alcohol level.

With it, you can track your alcohol consumption and receive real-time estimates of your blood alcohol level.

This app can not only track current levels, but also predict your consumption rate and how your concentration will vary in the future based on age, weight, height and type of drink.

The system also includes additional features such as the ability to set custom thresholds and receive reminders to take regular measurements.

Blood Alcohol Concentration

AlcoDroid alcohol tracker

Alcodroid Alcohol Tracker

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker is an app designed to give you effective control over your alcohol consumption. With the alcohol calculator function, you can assess your blood alcohol content (BAC) and accurately record the number of drinks you consume each day.

Additionally, you can chart consumption patterns at flexible daily, weekly or monthly intervals and set personalized consumption goals, giving you a more conscious view of your habits.

With Alcodroid, you can not only track your intake, but also know how it affects your body and set healthy limits.

Alcodroid Alcohol Tracker

Respiratory system

Breathe: A Good Alternative For Android

Breathing is an essential app for those who prioritize road safety and want to contribute to safer traffic.

According to Eric Widmark’s scientific formula, this device allows you to accurately calculate the alcohol content in your blood. But it goes beyond the original function as you can explore a wealth of educational information about the effects of alcohol on the body.

And not only will you learn about the legal limits of alcohol, but you will also get practical tips for maintaining responsible practices.

Respiratory System

Respiratory system

Respiratory System: Blood Alcohol Calculator

The breathalyzer is a very similar device to its predecessor, as it is responsible for evaluating your blood alcohol level using the Widmark formula, taking into account the amount of alcohol that has been ingested.

In addition to calculating your blood alcohol level, you can get advice on responsible drinking and learn about the effects of alcohol. It is useful for those who want to maintain a balance between fun and responsibility.

Respiratory System

AlcoTrack: Calculating Alcohol

AlcoTrack is one of the best breathalyzers for measuring blood alcohol on Android.

With an intuitive and beautiful interface, this app lets you keep a detailed diary of your alcohol consumption.

You can analyze your drinking habits, set limits and motivate yourself to maintain a healthy balance.

Alcotrack: Calculating Alcohol

Are these breathing apps safe?

These types of applications provide a practical option, but it is important to understand their limitations. Although they provide useful estimates, they are not a substitute for an official breathalyzer test.

Please note that the accuracy of these pocket devices varies depending on factors such as sensor quality and calibration.

Can I use them?

Of course, you can use them but as a complementary tool. However, it’s important to note that you should trust official test results “first and foremost,” especially if you’re looking for an accurate and legally binding assessment.

As you can see, the apps mentioned above offer different solutions to measure your blood alcohol level, allowing you to make the best decision about your driving skills.

And to avoid any unpleasant situation, remember that you can Do a basic test with your cell phone to determine if you are drunk and avoid using mobile devices while drinking alcohol.

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