Subtito, A Stremio Addon That Generates Spanish Subtitles With Ai

Subtito, a Stremio addon that generates Spanish subtitles with AI

If you ever find that you want to watch something on Stremio, but you are surprised that there are no subtitles in Spanish, even though all the subtitles add-ons are installed, we bring you the solution. And an add-on that generates subtitles in Spanish and any other language has been launched.

We are talking about Subtito, a new subtitle plugin for Stremio, which has a feature to translate subtitles in the language of your choice with artificial intelligence. Next, we will explain how Subtito works, how to install and use it.

Subtito: This is how the Stremio addon creates Spanish subtitles with AI.

This Is How The Stremio Addon That Creates Spanish Subtitles With Ai Works.

Subtito is a Stremio add-on that generates subtitles using artificial intelligence in the language of your choice. To do this, the plugin uses the subtitles available in Stremio and translates them in GPT-3 and GPT-4 from OpenAI. For example, if a movie only has English subtitles, the add-on will translate and synchronize them so you have Spanish subtitles.

This way, the Subtitle plugin will show you all available subtitles for a certain content (movie or series). And if there isn’t one for your language (Spanish), it gives you the option to generate them with AI from existing subtitles.

And… is it free? Well, like any other subtitles add-on, it’s free, but the function of generating subtitles with artificial intelligence is paid: subtitles for one movie will cost you around $0.2. However, Subtito offers a free trial to all new users so they can test this feature.

Mainly useful for movies or series that don’t have Spanish subtitles on Stremio. If what you want to watch already has Spanish subtitles, the plugin provides it for free and you don’t need to spend on AI generation.

How to install Subtito on Stremio

How To Install Subtito On Stremio
Open Stremio and search for Subtito in Community Plugins

To get started, open Stremio and go to the Add-ons section, go to the Community Add-ons section.Here, use the search engine to find Subtito and click the Configure button.

Click On Go To Subtito Com
Pulsa en go to

By doing this, the browser will open and you need to click on Go to to go to the official page of the add-on.

Presiona En Create A New Account
Presiona en create a new account

Once you’re on the Nustito website, you’ll need to create an account to use this plugin.To create an account on Subtito, click the Create New Account button and fill out the form.

Request Your Free Trial
Request your free trial

After creating your account and verifying your email, before you start configuring the plugin, since AI subtitle generation is a paid service, you will enter the subtitle settings.To do this, click on the menu button and then click on Claim $1.00 Free.

Complete The Free Trial Request
Complete the free trial request

Click Finish to receive a $1 free trial (400 minutes of video translation).

Configure Subtito And Select The Spanish Language
Configure Subtito and select the Spanish language

After taking your free trial, you will be returned to the Subtito settings page.Here you have to select the Spanish language and translate both GPT-3 and GPT-4 language models, click on Install Now and the website will take you to the Stremio app.

Click On Install
Click on Install

Finally, click Install and that’s it, the Subtitle plugin will be installed.

How to generate Spanish subtitles in Stremio with AI using Subtito

How To Enable Subtito To Generate Subtitles With Ai In Stremio

Using the Subtitle plugin is very easy, you just need to follow these steps to generate artificial intelligence subtitles in Stremio.

Open the Stremio app and play the movie or series you want to create subtitles with artificial intelligence.Now click on the subtitle button on the Stremio player, here it is “on” and you must choose 🟢 Spanish (GPT-3) or 🟣 Spanish (GPT-4) to generate subtitles with artificial intelligence. The GPT-3 option generates subtitles quickly, but GPT-4 is more accurate, the first time you activate it, your subtitles are being created. Wait a little (about 30 seconds), deactivate and reactivate the option you selected (for example 🟢 Spanish) and now the subtitles will appear.

And you… do you use Substito plugin to create subtitles with artificial intelligence in Stremio?

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