Stremio Addons Not Installing: Why And Solution (2024)

Stremio addons not installing: why and solution (2024)

If you’re here, it’s definitely because you haven’t installed Stremio addons. And don’t worry, in this article we will tell you why this happens and all the solutions to continue enjoying movies and series for free.

Why not install Stremio addons?

How To Add Stremio Android Tv Addons Google Tv Fire Tv

There are several reasons why Stremio add-ons fail. Below we have listed 4 reasons why the Stremio plugin might stop working:

Your internet service provider has blocked access to streams that Adon uses (happening in Spain and some Latin American countries). The addon has been updated and Stremio is not using the latest version.Addon servers are temporarily down (usually happens with Torrentio and ThePirateBay+).

And how is this resolved? Well, below we will tell you the solutions for each of these problems.

Solutions if Stremio addons is not installed

Now that you know the reasons why Stremio addons might stop working, luckily, we’re going to tell you that there are solutions for each of these problems.

Change the DNS of the device you use Stremio (the solution to avoid blocking your internet provider)Reinstall Stremio addons that are not installing (solution if Stremio is not using the latest addon version or if they are corrupted) try with other addons (solution if the addon you are using is on sick leave or temporarily down).

How to change DNS on PC

Go To Network Connections And View The Properties Of Your Connection
Go to Network Connections and view the properties of your connection

The first thing you need to do is go to Network Connections, Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections. Once you enter Network Connections, you can type “Network Connections” in the Windows search bar section, right-click on your connection, and then click Properties.

Enter Internet Protocol Version 4 Features
Enter Internet Protocol version 4 features

In the Network Properties section, look for the Internet Protocol Version 4 option.Click this option, and then click Properties.

Enable The Option Use The Following Dns Server Addresses And That'S It.
Enable the option Use the following DNS server addresses and that’s it.

Now enable the Use the following DNS server addresses option. Type in the “Selected DNS server” box And write in “Alternate DNS Server”., click OK, restart your PC and that’s it. Use: In this example we’ll use Google’s DNS ( –, but you can try Cloudflare’s DNS ( – or any DNS that’s not your internet provider’s.

How to change DNS on Android

How To Change Dns On Android 2024

Enter your Android settings and enter the WiFi section.Enter the settings of the WiFi network you are currently connected to, find the IP configuration option, press it and select Static (this will be in DHCP). Type in “DNS 1”. And write in “DNS 2”., save the changes before exiting, restart your device and that’s it. Use: In this example we’ll use Google’s DNS ( –, but you can try Cloudflare’s DNS ( – or any DNS that’s not your internet provider’s.

Change DNS on other devices

If you use Stremio on other devices (like Smart TV, Chromecast, etc.) here are some tutorials on how to change DNS.

How to reinstall Stremio add-ons

Go To Your Stremio Plugins And Uninstall Them
Go to your Stremio addons and uninstall them

Open Stremio and go to the Add-ons or Plugins section, now go to My Plugins.Here, find any add-ons that don’t work for you and click Uninstall.

Install The Add-Ons Again
Install the add-ons again

Once you’re done uninstalling them, the Install button will bring them back to Stremio. Press this button and complete the installation process of each add-on again (we recommend that you configure them manually as we do in this tutorial with Torrentio) and that’s it.

Try other Stremio add-ons

If the Stremio add-on is not installed, the last solution we recommend is to try another plugin. And this can happen (with some add-ons’ feature to share copyrighted content) because the add-on’s servers have crashed or the developers have disabled it.

In these cases, we recommend uninstalling the icon that doesn’t work and installing a similar one that offers the same functionality or content… Don’t know which icon to replace the icon that doesn’t install? Well, we invite you to check out these articles that will definitely be useful to you.

And tell us… did you solve your problem with Stremio add-ons?

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