Spotify Premium Subirá De Precio: ¿Cuánto Más Caro Será?

Spotify Premium goes up in price: How expensive will it be?

At this point, it will come as no surprise to anyone that Spotify has decided to make a change in the price of its service in mid-2024. In the year As it happens in July 2023, Spotify will raise the price again, this time for a different reason, and future plans will make the service’s users more diverse.

Of course, this only applies to some regions. Among them we can safely count England, Pakistan and America. The rest of the countries must be confirmed. Despite everything, the increase will not be dramatic and the application will require a small change in the subscription bill to cover the newly integrated service.

Spotify Premium adds value: Audiobooks don’t pay for themselves.

Spotify Does It Again: It Raises The Price Of The Subscription

The change in the price of Spotify Premium will be 1 or 2 dollars (maximum 1.84 euros), and is intended to cover the audiobook section of the world’s largest music library. For example, in the United States, it goes from $10 to $11 or $12 a month. While this new feature will soon be added, other changes may be coming to avoid users paying expensive subscriptions for services they don’t use.

Spotify seems to be offering a panorama of different types of subscriptions beyond just Premium. We will no longer have a free basic plan and a premium plan with its benefits, instead the plans will be split into several, some with more benefits than others. A subscription with HiFi can be added to this long awaited.

The company will start charging the subscription at the end of April in some regions, and then it will increase for the rest of the period. In Spain, it can go from 11 euros to 12 and even 13 euros. We’ll have to wait for the addition to arrive to know for sure how much it will cost to add an audiobook library to Spotify.

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