Pokemon Rebirth For Android: How To Play From Your Mobile

Pokemon Rebirth for Android: How to play from your mobile

Pokémon has a lot to offer, not to mention the fan-made versions that dare to go where the original games didn’t dare, like Pokémon Reminiscence and PokeRogue. On this occasion we have another submission of this kind and it’s called Pokemon Rebirth.

What is Pokemon Rebirth?

What Is Pokemon Rebirth?

Pokemon Rebirth is a fan-made game that is slightly darker than the regular game of this famous franchise. Here the world is decaying and it needs a brave hero or a brave heroine to save it.

Journey through the black fog and decaying ruins of a metropolis that was once a vibrant, life-filled paradise. Facing the criminals and gangs that roam the city taking advantage of the lack of power in this world. Pokemon Rebirth has the following features

21 starters.Pokémon up to Gen 7.Awesome field effects for a total of nearly 50 hours of gameplay.18 gyms.New story and new map.Amazing soundtrack courtesy of GlitchxCity.Option to customize Pokémon online and change colors. Features.Producer Exchange.

Steps to download and play Pokemon Rebirth on Android

How To Play Pokemon On Joyplay 4

This game is not directly designed for Android, therefore, there is no Pokémon Reborn APK and you need to download many files before playing. The following are the files you need to download to your mobile phone or tablet.

Files Needed To Install Pokemon Rebirth On Android

Install Joyplay and RPGM Plugin on your phone

Once you’ve downloaded the files we’ve provided, follow the steps below to install the JoyPlay and RPGM Plugin necessary to run the game.

How To Install Joyplay Pokemon 1

Open and extract the Pokemon Rebirth zip file you downloaded using an application like RAR or Google Files, for example, enter the downloaded folder on your mobile and click on JoiPlay APK.

How To Install Joyclip Pokemon 2

Once the installation is complete, open the application and accept the terms. Accept the privacy policy. Click Allow to grant necessary permissions to the application.

How To Install Joyplay Pokemon 3

Go back to the downloaded files from your mobile and click on RPGMPlugin, click on install. When the application finishes installing, open it and click on “Hide the launcher icon” and save records. Click on save and that’s it.

Run Pokemon Rebirth on Android

Now that you have the JoyPlay app and plugin, all you have to do is follow the steps below to run the Pokemon Rebirth game on your Android mobile.

How To Play Pokemon On Joyplay 1

Enter JoiPlay and click on the “+” sign at the top of the screen to select Tap.

How To Play Pokemon On Joyplay 2

Find and select the Pokemon Rebirth game.

How To Run Pokemon On Joyplay 3

Select an image for the game icon and tap the game icon.

It’s a bit of a long process, but it’s really worth it to enjoy this updated version of Pokemon. This concludes our article on how to play Pokemon Reborn from Android mobile. If you have any questions let us know in the comments section so we can help you out.

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