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POCO X6 Neo is the brand’s next best seller: we know

The POCO “X” series is one of the most respected of the brand for its excellent quality-price ratio. This year’s POCO X5 and X5 Pro are fantastic phones because they strike a perfect balance between performance, quality features and price. We all hope that their successors will follow the same lines and based on the recent release, it looks like they will too.

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification platform already shows POCO X6 Neo model number “2312FRAFDI” on its website. This number is very similar to the Redmi Note 13R Pro “2311FRAFDC”, so we are looking at a popular smartphone. And while the Redmi Note 13R Pro will only be sold in China, the POCO X6 Neo will only be confirmed in India.

Small X6 Neo Bis Proof

Will we see one of these two phones in the global market? Of course yes, but the question is… in whose name? Time will tell, in the meantime we take a look at the possible specifications of the POCO X6 Neo.

POCO X6 Neo may be similar to Redmi Note 13R Pro.

The Redmi Note 13R Pro has been launched in China. If it is true that POCO X6 Neo is a modified version of this mobile, then its specifications should be as follows (or very similar).

6.67 inch OLED screen with full HD+ resolution. 108 MP dual rear camera and 16 MP front camera. MediaTek Dimensity 6080 processor up to 12 GB RAM. 256 GB internal storage. 5000 mAh battery with 33W fast charging Android 13 operating system Side fingerprint scanner.

Redmi Note 13R Pro
Redmi Note 13R Pro

In terms of design, it should be very similar to the Redmi Note 13R Pro, but it will definitely come with the brand’s characteristic color combinations (yellow versus black) and a printed logo.

As for the price, it might be around 280 euros like the Redmi Note 13R Pro. But we have to wait for the official announcement to know for sure.

By the way, the Redmi Note 13 Pro and Note 13 Pro+ POCO X6 5G and POCO X6 Pro 5G are expected to be available in the international market only for China until now.

source | Gizmochina

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