Oneplus No Aumentará Sus Años De Soporte A Siete Por Esta Razon

OnePlus therefore does not provide 7 years of updates like Samsung

When Google launched the Pixel 8, we were all impressed with the number of support for no less than seven. Months later, Samsung would jump on the same support bandwagon, so we figured it was only a matter of time before others joined.

All the big brands have offered their flagship devices for 2024, but have given no other indication of extending their support period. OnePlus was one of them, because after the OnePlus 12 presentation, it continued to provide four Android updates and additional security updates. OnePlus doesn’t intend to offer seven-year updates like Samsung and Google, although they have a reason for that.

A maximum of four years of Android updates, and one patch. According to OnePlus, that’s the “ideal” time.

Oneplus Continues To Provide Four Android Updates For Its Phones

In an interview with Tom’s Guide, OnePlus COO and President Kinder Liu explained why the OnePlus 12 will still receive four Android updates and a year of additional security updates. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 12R will stay with three major updates and one more year of maintenance. All this in contrast to the new trend of Samsung and Google.

“It doesn’t make sense to provide long software update policies,” Liu asserted. For him and his company.”Update policies aren’t the only thing that matters to the user. Also, the fluidity that the user experiences when using their mobile phone.

Put simply: For OnePlus, extending the software support of a mobile phone is not a big deal if the hardware can’t keep up. In fact, he used a metaphor to explain the mobile phone as a sandwich.

“Some manufacturers say the sandwich filling (smartphone software) will still be good to eat in seven years. But they don’t tell you that the sandwich bread (hardware and user experience) can be moldy after four years.”

Similarly, Liu pointed out that OnePlus has conducted a number of quality, usability and additional tests at TÜV SUD with the aim of determining whether extending support for the OnePlus 12 and 12R is justified. The results showed that it is not worth it, so They decided to maintain quality, fast and fluid support Up to four years.

Of all the tests, the battery tests were the worst. “When our competitors say their upgrade policy lasts seven years, remember that your smartphone battery might not,” he said.

Do you think OnePlus’ position is correct? After seven years, we know that some sacrifices will have to be made, but we have some doubts. In addition, the battery thing is something that can be easily solved by returning to portable batteries, which the European Union may force in the coming months.

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