Oneplus Ai Music Studio La Web Para Crear Tu Propia Musica Con Ia

OnePlus AI Music Studio: The website to create your own music with AI

Artificial Intelligence is the thing of today and no mobile brand wants to be left behind. Recently, we’ve seen how Google and Samsung are betting on AI as their flagship innovation.

And now OnePlus is joining this fever, although this time it launched a product that anyone can use. It is an artificial intelligence that generates an entire song, from the music to the lyrics and the music video. Next, we will tell you how to use OnePlus AI Music Studio.

OnePlus AI Music Studio: The website to create your own music with AI

OnePlus AI Music Studio is an artificial intelligence from the Chinese brand that can create a music video from your questions. And best of all, it is available for free to everyone. In addition to that, OnePlus has launched a competition to award 100 best songs made by this AI.. Winners will receive discount coupons for brand products… Want to know how to participate? Well, just follow these steps:

Enter the OnePlus AI Music Studio website using the following link. Now click on Create Track and then sign up if you don’t have a OnePlus account. Create an account by filling in the email and password boxes. Once this is done, you will now have access to the OnePlus AI Music Studio. Now select genre, vibe, music video type and then tap on continue. Now write a brief description (in English) of the lyrics you want the song to have and click Continue. Finally, wait a few minutes and OnePlus AI Music Studio will generate a song with your music video. Click the download button below the video to download it. You can also click the Publish button to participate in the AI ​​song contest that OnePlus is doing.

And you… Are you ready to make music with AI on OnePlus?

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