Once Person Codes And How To Redeem Them (July 2024)

Once Person Codes and How to Redeem Them (July 2024)

Once Upon a Mankind is one of the most anticipated open world games for Android of the year. It has started coming to PC and will be available on mobile platforms later. Already started playing? Well, if starting the game is complicated for you, we bring you many codes with free rewards that will make your adventure in this post-apocalyptic world easy.

After all, it was once a game of human survival, and any help in the form of resources would give you an incentive to keep fighting through the chaos. So, without further ado, we will immediately show you all the active codes on PC and mobile and how to redeem them.

All codes are activated for one time

Eleven Human Free Prizes

Once Human distributes multiple reward codes to content creators, you can redeem them in your account. However, there are also cosmetic codes. We leave it all here:

Once human0710: Camera skin for vehicle.OnceHumanTBG: 300x Power Link, 2x Activator and 1x Adrenaline.Once HumanJRpt: 300x Power Link, 2x Activator and 1x Adrenaline.Once a human IGP: 300x Power Link, 2x Activator and 1x Adrenaline.Once human LG: 300x Power Link, 2x Activator and 1x Adrenaline.Once Human MMOB: 300x Power Link, 2x Activator and 1x Adrenaline.

Please note that the content creator codes (the last ones on the list) contain the same rewards and you can only use one of them.

Where to find more codes for Once Human

If you want to receive one-time Human Codes before anyone else, you should follow the official media of the game where these free rewards are published.

How to redeem codes in person at once

How To Redeem Codes In A Person

Here are the steps you need to follow to redeem human codes once on any platform:

Open the game menu Go to Event Store Go to Events Click the Redeem Code option in the bottom right corner. Enter the code and press Redeem.

Some of the steps may differ depending on the platform you’re playing on, but it’s basically the same. You have to go to the event page and redeem your existing code by pressing the corresponding option in the lower right corner.

Once Human
Once Human
Once Human

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