I Go Meow: Tiktok'S Viral Singing Cat Has Passed Away

I Go Meow: Tiktok’s viral singing cat has passed away

The internet is in mourning, because the singing cat that went viral on Tik Tok this year has died. Following the cat’s owner’s statement in the past few hours, millions of people around the world have paid tribute to the cat who brought so many smiles to her in thousands of videos.

Nicknamed the “I Go Meow cat” by many for his strange way of singing, Kala (his real name) died on May 30 this year, a death his owner believed to be completely natural. Moreover, she explained that she herself died of old age, which surprised most Tik Tok users as the cat didn’t seem to be more than 10 years old.

“I Go Meow”: A cat song that has delighted millions

The Cat Died And I'M Leaving

Although Kala’s owner was the one who managed to capture this cat singing, the reason why the virus was discovered was due to the music composed by Tik Tok users. By combining an instrumental with a cat’s meow, they managed to create a song that not only became popular on the said social network, but also on Spotify and YouTube Music (which currently has over 1 million views).


Kala will live forever thanks to all of you

♬ Night problem – Petit Biscuit

It is worth remembering that the owner of this cat found her on the street and explained that she did not know how old she was. Day after day, sheltering him and taking care of him, he noticed that the pet was deteriorating emotionally. Considering this situation, he decided to go to a veterinarian to do various studies.

When she first visited the veterinary center, she found something surprising: Kala was sick and an old cat. The doctors gave him various types of sedatives to improve the quality of life, so the final result was inevitable.


The one I fell in love with and now he doesn’t sing… @Cala&Elizabeth #MemeCut #MemeCut #CapCut

♬ Original Sound – Taylor Elizabeth Knorr

If there is nothing more in this regard, this is not the first singing cat to go viral on Tik Tok, as there are other cats who have surprised the users of the social network with their cuteness and rhythm.

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