How To Watch Taurus On Kodi: Best Adonis In 2024

How to watch Taurus on Kodi: Best Adonis in 2024

Looking for how to watch bulls on Kodi? Well then you have come to the right place. Below, we list the best addons you can install on Kodi to watch the bulls live.

How to watch Toros on Kodi: Best addons

How To Update Kodi Fire Tv Manually

There are many Kodi addons to watch sports like UFC, Formula 1 and football matches like Champions League. However, when it comes to bulls it is difficult to find a plugin that broadcasts these events.

Fortunately, there are 3 Kodi addons that distribute Bullfight. Below, we’ll tell you what they are and leave individual tutorials for you to install.


How To Install Kodivertir On Kodi

With the Kodivertir addon, you can watch all kinds of sports, including bullfighting. All you have to do to see them is enter the “KODivertiDO Sports Agenda” section and search for the Mundo Toro HD channel. We leave the installation tutorial below:

link | Kodivertir Installation Assistant



This is another Kodi addon where you can find channels that broadcast Bullshit. To watch the bulls on Kodi with DaddyLive, you need to go to the “LIVE TV” section and search for the channel “Mundotoro” or the channel that broadcasts the bullfighting event you want to listen to.

link | Daddylive installation tutorial

Vavoo Eagle

How To Install The Kodi Addon Eagle

The last addon we bring you to watch bulls on Kodi is Águila Vavoo. This is a hunt where you can find channels from all over the world. Well, to watch the bullfight with Aguila Vavo on Kodi, all you have to do is go to “Spain” and tune in to the “TOROS TV” channel or the channel that shows the event you want to watch.

link | Águila Vavoo installation tutorial

And you… which of these add-ons do you use to watch bullseye on Kodi?

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