Cómo Ver La Semana Santa 2024 De Sevilla En Directo De Forma Online

How to watch 2024 Holy Week in Seville live online

With all the desire to strengthen the faith of believers, the Holy Week has arrived in 2024. So bring the cultural events that you have been following for a long time. In Seville they are more than known, and if you don’t decide to go there to follow the parades in real time, but you still want to see how they develop, don’t worry, because there are ways to do this. Your mobile phone.

Well, several local channels are in the process of broadcasting everything related to the Holy Week activities in Seville. We leave a list so that you can choose the source of information you like the most; You can watch the parade live online.

How to watch Holy Week 2024 online in Seville

How To Watch 2024 Holy Week In Seville Live Online

The best way to track Holy Week 2024 events in Seville is through local sources. Many television channels broadcast live what happens in the parade during the festival. And many, fortunately, have decided to take their broadcasts to their YouTube channels or websites. So that no viewer misses anything and can watch everything from mobile.

Canal Sur: Of course, Canal Sur repeats the story every year, live broadcasting various events during Holy Week. Remember that you have two ways to watch the content of this channel, one is on the Canal Sur website and the other is on Canal Sur Más where you can watch the regular broadcasts of Los Palcos and Campana. Brotherhood Council of Seville: The YouTube channel of the Brotherhood of Seville also covers many points, mainly considering the positions (()Virgin of the Kings, San Francisco and Bell). PTV Sevilla: The signal transmitted from YouTube or the official website PTV Sevilla Brings the broadcast from the official competition, to the interior of the cathedral, where the procession of the brotherhood is recorded. In addition to this specific function, they cover the exits and entrances of the various fraternities that attract the greatest attention. 101 TV Seville: As the most popular channel to watch Holy Week in Seville, 101 TV Seville broadcasts various processions live from Relevant points of interest, as well as areas where other channels are generally not considered. You can watch the trailer from YouTube or from the official page. 7TV Sevilla: You can also choose the 7TV Sevilla signal through Tivify, which gives you the possibility. Watch up to 80 free channels from your mobile. The best thing is that it can be watched in good quality (720p) so you don’t miss the various parades live and live.

You don’t need to travel or leave home to participate in Holy Week traditions. You will see that it is possible to see everything from your mobile while sharing Easter images and phrases from WhatsApp.

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