Como Usar Real Debrid En Stremio Guia Paso A Paso

How to Use Real Debride on Stremio: A Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

Real Debride is a paid service that offers premium servers for streaming apps like Stremio or Kodi. With it, you avoid using public (free) servers that have limited bandwidth and affect streaming quality and stability.

Well, as we have already explained how to use Real Debride on Kodi, below we will explain how to install Real Debride on Stremio so that you can use your account in this awesome streaming app.

How to use Real Debride on Stremio: a step-by-step guide

To have a real debate on Stremio You need to use the Torrentio add-on. We have already explained how to install Torrentio on Stremio. But if you don’t have this plugin installed, don’t worry, you can still follow these steps:

If you don’t have Torrentio Go to the following link on Stremio.If you already have Torrentio, open the Stremio app, go to the Add-ons section (puzzle icon) then click on My add-ons and search for Torrentio here. When you find it, click on the Gear button to access the Torrentio Installation Configuration page in any of the two previous methods.Well, once here you have to go to the Debrid Provider section and select the Real Debride option there. The next thing is to click on “here” in the Real Debride API Key section. Before doing this, you must log in to the Real Debride page with your account. Clicking on “here” will open the Real Debride page. There you have to copy the API private token that appears in the box.Now go back to the Torrentio Installation Settings page and paste in the Real Debride API Key box. Finally, in the Debride Options section, make sure you check the first two options. Finally, click Install, and doing so will open it again. The Stremio app. Click Reinstall here and that’s it, a pop-up notice will indicate that you can now use Real Debride via Torrentio.

And you… have you already set up Real Debride on Stremio?

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