How To Play The Roblox Karaoke Game

How to play the Roblox Karaoke game

“Now” games on Roblox continue to attract new players. After the great growth that social networks are giving, Tik Tok is often a popular social network where these types of games go viral, so there are thousands of people who are interested in the creations that users upload to this multiplayer video game platform.

If you’ve come across videos of many users singing songs together and don’t know what the game is or how to play it, you’re in the right place!

Here we will show you how to play the Roblox Karaoke game that has gone viral on the internet. You don’t need to pay anything, the game is free and compatible with both PC, consoles and mobile devices.

This is how you can play karaoke game in Roblox.

Just like the Roblox dance game called Party Hall, you are forced to download Roblox on the device you want to play the karaoke game. Similarly, you need to create an account and have a stable internet connection. If you meet these requirements, you can follow these steps to access the karaoke game in question:

Open Roblox And Search For The Karaoke Game

The first thing you need to do is open the Roblox application on your mobile device, from within Roblox, you need to click on the search engine located in the upper right corner of the screen “Korean Karaoke” (without quotes).

Play The Karaoke Game On Roblox

Different results will appear, you have to click on the first one (the creator is Karaoke Studio).

Find A Karaoke Room In Roblox

Enter game servers. To access the karaoke room, you must enter the rooms called “rooms” (there are many).

Enter The Karaoke Room

If you want to start singing, you need to click on the “Mic” option.

Singing In The Roblox Karaoke Game

The microphone will activate within seconds so you can sing along to the song playing in the room you entered.

How to choose songs in Roblox Karaoke game?

Find Songs In Karaoke Roblox

Unlike in the Roblox Party Room game, where you can enter different codes to dance to songs, here you don’t have to use any codes.

You will get the full list of the song by approaching the screen that appears in the room you entered. Of course, each of these songs has a price, so you need to have virtual money stored in your account to sing a certain song.

If there is nothing to add, if you cannot find the karaoke game in Roblox, we recommend that you click on the link that we leave at the end of the article. It will take you directly to the game in question.

link | Roblox Karaoke Studio

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