Cómo Hacer El Trend Colorear Dibujos En Pareja De Tiktok

How to make the “color pictures as a couple” trend on Tik Tok

Although this trend started to spread in mid-2022, it was Tiktok that really caught the attention of millions of people by the end of 2023.

It involves couples painting identical pictures to find out their feelings. Although it is not necessary to have any technical knowledge in art and painting, several steps must be followed to execute the trend correctly.

Don’t waste your time looking for tutorials on TikTok, here we show you step by step how to download an app that allows you to color the same pictures with your partner, don’t miss it!

It is very easy to trend “coloring pictures as a couple” on Tik Tok

Tiktok Coloring Pictures App For Couples

Unlike trends on Tik Tok like the ugly face, you don’t need to search for filters in the social network or access the beta version of Tik Tok to make this trend.

Simply put, all you have to do is download My Coloring Book Free app. Unfortunately, and if we can check it, this app is only available for iOS, what does this mean? You must have an iPhone to download.

My Coloring Book Free

If you don’t have an iPhone, we advise you not to be bitter because there is an APK format for My Coloring Book Free that you can download for free on your mobile phone.

arrest | My coloring book free apk

Once you and your partner have downloaded and installed the app on your mobile devices, you will have to use the brushes available on My Coloring Book Free to color the pictures.


🐄 @Haziel Lamadrid looks like his sheep 💞 #trending #coloringbook #boyfriends

♬ My love is all mine – Mitsky

If you want to upload the results to TikTok, you have no choice but to download these pictures and create a photo carousel on the relevant social networks (select the pictures and publish the video).

Last but not least, if you have downloaded My Coloring Book for free on Android, you have to install the app yourself (the same is not available in the Play Store).

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