Youtube Revanced Extended Apk

How to Install YouTube Extended in 2024: Step by Step

One of the best ways to get all the benefits of YouTube Premium is with an APK like ReVanced Extended. This is the upgraded version of the official YouTube app that offers an improved experience with additional features including background playback and complete ad blocking.

Don’t have the YouTube Extended app on your Android yet? Do not worry, we will immediately explain how to install it in a safe and secure way.

What is ReVanced Extended and the difference with ReVanced

Youtube Renewed Extended Vs Revanced

YouTube ReVanced Extended is free and packed with more features and customization options, the official YouTube app. Technically, this app isn’t illegal (it doesn’t break any laws), but Google usually blocks it because it actually prevents YouTube from monetizing.

Unlike ReVanced (another popular YouTube patcher) that focuses on specific patches, ReVanced Extended extends functionality and customization beyond what regular ReVanced patches offer. They are two very similar apps, but in theory ReVanced Extended is more complete in practice.

How to install YouTube ReVanced Extended

How To Install Updated Extended Youtube On Android

If you want to have YouTube ReVanced Extended on your Android safely, you must manually flash and install the APK by following these steps.

Download and install MicroG APK.Download and install RVX Manager APK.Open RVX Manager and give it permission to install apps from unknown sources.You will see a notification saying “Download ReVanced Patches”. Click OK, then go to the Patcher section and click Select Application.YouTube will appear as an option and say “Recommended: vXX.XX.XX”. That is the YouTube APK version that you should download. For example, at the time of writing this article, YouTube APK v19.02.39 should be downloaded.Once you have downloaded the recommended YouTube APK, go to RVX Manager > Patcher > Select Application > Storage and select the recommended YouTube APK. YouTube. Click on Patch.Wait for it to fold and then tap Install and finally tap Install.

How To Install Enhanced Youtube On Android Step 2

Ready! You have now installed ReVanced Extended on your Android. When you open it, you need to click on the user icon in the upper right corner to sign in with your Google account. By the way, don’t forget to disable automatic YouTube updates in Play Store to avoid any conflict with official application updates.

Why You Shouldn’t Download YouTube Enhanced Extended Apk

Malware That Accesses Your Google Account

You might be thinking… Isn’t it easy to just install the ReVanced Extended APK I found on the internet? Yes, it’s easy, but it’s also more dangerous. Note that both ReVanced Extended and MicroG are open source projects that contain no malware, but anyone can use them to create an APK that hides a virus.

Websites like “” and “”, which distribute pre-modified APKs of Revanced Extended, are unofficial and no one can guarantee the safety of their APKs. If you log into Google from these pages or a similar APK, your account credentials may be stolen by the creators.

So, the safest way to install YouTube ReVanced Extended on your Android is by manually modifying the official app as we have shown you before.

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