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How to Install Trakt Tv on Stremio: Step by Step Guide (2024)

If you’re a fan of movies and series, you know there’s nothing like a good tip to find your next obsession. This is where Tract TV can be Stremio’s favorite icon. This plugin allows you to customize the recommendations of the content you see in the app according to your preferences.

So, if you like Stremio, but want the app to recommend movies and series you might like, you might want to install Tract TV. Below, we will tell you everything you need to know for this.

What is Trakt Tv and what is on Stremio?


Track is an app that lets you keep track of the movies and series you’re watching. Their add-on for Stremio, called Trakt Tv, records all the content you play and adds the details (title, date viewed, etc.) to your Trakt account. Plus, it shows you recommendations based on what you see. Now, this is just the most basic function of the plugin.

What’s really cool is that every time you rate the lists you’ve watched or watched on Trakt or watched a series, Adon will show you the best recommendations in the app. Typically, people bundle Trakt TV with Couch Money, a service that adds new tips to your Trakt account that automatically change as you watch more content.

In short, installing Tract TV is like adding Netflix’s recommendation algorithm to Stremio. In fact, the only difference with the aforementioned algorithm is that it is not limited to the Netflix catalog, but is compatible with any content you watch on Stremio in combination with Coke Money.

How to Install Trakt Tv on Stremio: Step by Step

How To Install Traktv For Stremio Level 1

If you want to have good series and movie recommendations on Stremio, follow these steps to install Trakt Tv with Couch Money in the app.

Go to the official track website and create an account if you don’t already have one.Open Stremio and make sure you’re signed in with your Stremio account. Then go to Settings (the gear icon) and look for the track tracking option. Tap on the Authenticator option.On the webpage that opens, sign in with your Trakt account. Tap Yes to allow Stremio to connect to Trakt.

How To Install Traktv For Stremio Paso 2

This new addon installs “Tract Integration” which works with Tract TV Addon in Stremio. Search engine and then click on Install.

How To Install Traktv For Stremio Level 3

For better tips, link Couch Money to Tract TV from this link.

that’s all! You can now filter recommendations by Trakt details in the Stremio Discover section.

Remember that you should rate and add more movies and series to your watchlist in Track so that the lists are personalized and give you better recommendations. The more you add, the better the recommendations will be. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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