Cómo Instalar Balandro En Kodi

How to Install Sloop on Kodi (2024): Step by Step

Kodi is one of the main places where people want to watch series and movies completely free, this is because of the variety of add-ons that offer you all kinds of content. On this occasion, we will talk about an add-on that is very popular among Spanish speakers, its name is Balandro, and here we will teach you how to install it on your devices with Kodi.

What is Balandro and what does it offer you?

What Is Balandro And What Does It Offer You?

Among the most popular add-on options for Kodi, names like Kodivertir and Magellan always come up, but Balandor is worth mentioning, especially for the Spanish-speaking audience. Balando is a top-notch plugin, with a fairly well-organized interface and plenty of content in Castilian Spanish and Latin Spanish.

Here you will find not only complete series and latest movies in Spanish, but also novels, anime, children’s content, adult content and documentaries. All this is completely free and ready to enjoy in your language.

How to install Slop on Kodi from source?

The process of installing the Balandro add-on on Kodi is not difficult, but it can be a bit tedious due to the number of steps it takes. But don’t worry, we will be as specific as possible so that there are no doubts:

The first step you need to do is log in to Kodi. Enter the Settings section by clicking on Gear in the main menu. Click the File Manager option. Select the Add Source option. Click No. Enter the following address in the bar: « Type “sloop” in the name text box.

Now go back and select Add-ons option. Click Install from zip file. Select the place you just created, it should be called “sloop”.

Install the zip file named “repository.balandro-2.0.0.zip”. Go back and click the Install from Repository option. Select the repository called “Balandro Repo”. Go to Video Add-ons option. Select Sloop add-on and then click Install. Click OK when it tells you that other add-ons will also be installed.

And then everything will be ready, when you want to enjoy Balandro content, all you have to do is enter the main menu of Kodi and enter the Add-ons option. With that, we will finish our article on how to install Balandro on Kodi, if you have any questions about what we will explain here, leave them in the comments to help you.

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