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How to Install Magis TV on Fire TV: Step by Step (2024)

As we discussed about Stremio and how to install it on different devices, Magis TV is a great app for watching free multimedia content. On the platform you will find many channels in Spanish and other languages ​​as well as series, documentaries, anime and more.

This application is becoming popular in different countries, so we have been showing you how to install it on your mobile phone, Android TV, computer, Samsung LG or Roku Smart TV and more. However, we were missing some very important devices: the Amazon Fire TV. Today we will clear this debt with you by teaching you how to install Magis TV on Fire TV in this step-by-step guide.

Installing Magis TV on Fire TV is as easy as using its APK for Android.

As you can probably guess coming to this article, Magis TV is not available in the Amazon Appstore for Fire TVs. Since the content sources are sometimes (but not always) within the framework of legality, it will never be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have Magis TV on your Fire TV, because you can enjoy the app on these devices.

You may already know, but the operating system used by Fire TVs (Fire OS) is a fork of Android, so it is compatible with the applications. Yes, you can download the Android APK and use it on Fire TV, just like what we do with Magis TV. What are the steps to follow? We have listed these below:

Turn on your Fire TV and open the Appstore in the library and go to the Settings menu, go to “My Fire TV” and then go to the “About” device. Take a step back and go to ‘Developer Options’. Go to ‘Install Unknown Apps’. Find the downloader and enable the license. Go back, open the download and grant the permission it asks for. Go to the ‘Browser’ tab and type yourself in the search bar and press ‘Go’ to go to the Stremio website.You can also type the code 113376. To download an APK, Downloader will download the APK and then it will show a floating window.Click ‘Install’ to start installing Magis TV. Confirm the installation and once done click ‘Done’. You will be returned to the downloader, press ‘Delete’ to delete the APK (optional).We recommend that you delete the APK Because you don’t need it anymore and it takes up space. Go to your Fire TV’s app drawer and you’ll see the Magis TV app. Launch the app, complete the login process, and enjoy everything Magis TV has to offer.

Seems like a lot of steps, right? The truth is yes, but when you follow it you will realize that they are not that much and they are easy to follow. Also, since you have permissions, you will save many of them when you want to install Android APK on your Fire TV from now on.

Can you tell us how it went and if you are watching Magis TV on your Fire TV?

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