Cómo Instalar Kodivertido En Kodi

How to Install Kodivertir on Kodi (2024): Step by Step

The Kodi player has gained a lot of popularity, especially after the release of Kodi 20 Nexus version, because this player is one of the best options to watch series, movies, sports and IPTV channels live and free. But of course this is impossible without additions such as Kodivertir. So if you want to know how to install Kodivertir on Kodi, be sure to read the article we prepared for you.

What is Kodivertir and how does this Kodi addon work?

What Is Kodivertir And How Does This Kodi Addon Work?

This is not the first time we are talking about Kodivertir on this page, because we have already mentioned this add-on in our article on different ways to watch football on Kodi and in our list of additional options from Blue Crystal. The main reason why this Kodi addon is so popular is that it offers live streaming of channels, all kinds of sports events, series and also movies.

Not to mention that most of the content is in Spanish and works perfectly with Kodi 20 and Kodi 19. So if you’re a fan of series movies and live sports events, we recommend you try this add-on in any. Your devices with Kodi.

How to install Kodivertir on Kodi from the official repository?

There are two ways to install Kodivertir on your Kodi devices, but we’ll start by showing you the longer way first. Follow the steps below to be able to install Kodivertir from the Kodi repository.

Enter Kodi and go to the settings section by clicking on the gear icon. Then enter File Manager. Select the Add Source option. Click on No. Enter the following address in the text bar. In the name text box, type “kofun” and click OK.

Now go back and select Add-ons option. Click the Install from Zip File option. Select the option you just created, it should be called “Cofun”. Enter the “Repositories” folder. Click on the zip file named “repository.KODIvertiDO_team-2.0.zip”.

Now go back and this time select the installer from the repository. Select the repository called “KODIvertiDO TEAM REPOSITORIO”. Go to Video Add-ons option. Select Kodivertir add-on and then press Install. Click OK when it tells you that other add-ons will also be installed.

That’s all, the Kodivertir add-on is now available for you in the Add-ons section of Kodi’s main menu. And if you’re interested, the Kodivertir team presents you with their own updated version of Kodi called Kodivertir Nexus Mandalorian Mod 20.3, which has some features you won’t want to miss.

How to install Kodivertir on Kodi from Luar?

There is another way to install Kodivertir on Kodi and it is with Lure which gives you access to another huge number of addons for Kodi. To do this better, we will explain the process of how to install Luar on Kodi, but to summarize for you, all you have to do is enter Luar and search for it in the sports category.

That’s it for our article on how to install Kodivertir on Kodi, we hope it serves you and you can enjoy the content this Kodi add-on has to offer. If you have any questions about what we’ve covered, leave a comment in the section below so we can help.

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