Como Instalar Aguila Vavoo El Addon De Kodi

How to Install Águila Vavoo on Kodi (2024): Step by Step

The Aguila Vavoo add-on is one of the best add-ons you can install on Kodi to watch live TV channels from around the world. And best of all, the installation is very easy. Below we have left a tutorial explaining how to install Águila Vavoo on Kodi.

How to Install Águila Vavoo on Kodi: Step by Step

Installing the Aguila Vavoo add-on (or Águia Vavoo, its original name in Portuguese) on Kodi is very easy. Below, we bring you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

Open Kodi And Go To Settings
Open Kodi and go to settings

Open Kodi and go to settings by clicking the gear wheel.

Enter The File Explorer Option
Enter the File Explorer option

Now enter File Explorer.

Click Add Source
Click Add Source

The next thing you need to do is click on Add Source.

Type The Aguila Vavoo Link, Name The Source Aguila Vavoo And Press Ok.
Type the Águila Vavoo link, name the source “aguilavavoo” and press OK.

Now you should put the Arrow Negra store link on the top bar: And put “aguilavavoo” in the font name bar. After that click OK.

Go Back To The Kodi Home Page And Go To Add-Ons
Go back to the Kodi home page and go to Add-ons

Once this is done, go back to the Kodi home page and go to the Add-ons section.

Click The Icon Box Icon
Click the icon box icon

Here you have to click on the box icon in the upper left corner.

Click On Install From Zip File
Click on Install from zip file

Now click on Install from zip file.

Search For Agulavavoo And Click On This Resource
Search for “aguilavavoo” and click on this resource

Click here on Agulavavoo.

Click On The Repository.arrownegra-2.07 Zip
Click on


Go Back To The Previous Menu And Click On Install From Storage
Go back to the previous menu and click on Install from storage

Doing so will install the Arrow Negra repository (a pop-up window will confirm this). Now click Install from Repository.

Find And Click On Arrow Negra Store
Find and click on Arrow Negra store

Find the Arrow Negra store and click on it.

Insert Video Attachments
Insert video attachments

Enter video addons.

Find And Click On Aguila Vavoo
Find and click on Águila Vavoo

Search for Águia Vavoo and click on it.

Click On Install To Install Aguila Vavoo
Click on Install
Ready, You Can Use The Aguila Vavoo Supplement.
Ready, you can use the Águila Vavoo supplement.

And that’s it, by following these steps you will install Águila Vavoo on Kodi. You will find it in the “Video add-ons” section and when you enter it, you just need to select the country where you want to watch live TV channels.

And you… Have you already finished installing Águila Vavoo on Kodi?

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