How To Get More Points On Tiktok Lite: Tricks (2024)

How to Get More Points on TikTok Lite: Tricks (2024)

Although TikTok Lite had a very complicated start, with very few opportunities to be seen, it is now getting a more promising new start. And in the month of April and until May 1, people who register in the application and interact with it by performing various tasks will earn at least 9 euros.

By inviting friends to join TikTok Lite, you will get the best reward, because for each, if you stay active in the application, you can earn a total of 9 euros. There are other ways to keep earning points (and therefore money), such as watching videos over a period of time, following accounts, and more. Next, we’ll break down all the ways to earn points on TikTok Lite for you to take advantage of this limited-time promotion.

How to get more points on TikTok Lite: All the ways

All Ways To Get Points On Tiktok Lite: Earn All The Money You Can

The idea of ​​making money on Tik Tok is to use the app as long as possible, and thus ByteDance increases your chances of launching a light version of Tik Tok. This promotion is available in France and Spain. Of course, to redeem points, you must register using a photo of your ID or credit card and verify that you are of legal age.

Once this is done, you can see a panel where all the things you can do to get points are displayed. 10,000 points is equal to 1 euro, so it’s not a way to become a millionaire, but anyway, if you use TikTok often, it’s nice to receive something in return for the activities you do by default.

Your savings can be exchanged for Amazon Cards, PayPal coupons, or TikTok’s local currency to support your favorite content creators. Without further ado, here are all the ways to earn points on TikTok.

Friend Code: If you sign up for TikTok Lite with a friend referral code for the first time, You will win 3000 points from the beginningLogin for 10 days: You will be given access to the app every day for 10 days A total of 3000 points.Surprise Box: Every day You win a random amount of coins After logging in, invite your friends to TikTok Lite by watching 5-minute videos. You will earn for each friend. 5000 points When you register in the application and Up to 85000 points Bonuses if you complete all daily registrations before April 24th. Earn videos in the app: You can earn up to 3450 daily pointsAccumulate 25 minutes by watching videos in the app from the Discovery section. If you do it for 10 days, you will get it A total of 33465 3 videos: win 100 pointsFollow 3 TikTok accounts: you will win 100 points.

Now that you know, take the opportunity and earn money with TikTok Lite, with this promotion that is valid until May 1st.

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